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The popular news media, for one, portray the movement as being against the capitalist establishment, as can be gleaned from recent news coverage by online and print news media. The same contra-capitalist establishment message is seen in coverage of news from local to…
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Occupy Movement
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The Occupy Movement and Media Table of Contents The Occupy Movement and Media 3 Works Cited 6 The Occupy Movement and Media How does media portray/cover the Occupy Movement? Does that coverage shape the movements message, and if it does, how does media shape the message?
The popular news media, for one, portray the movement as being against the capitalist establishment, as can be gleaned from recent news coverage by online and print news media. The same contra-capitalist establishment message is seen in coverage of news from local to international levels of coverage. One such coverage, for example, by the global organization The Christian Science Monitor, the movement is painted as being misdirected, and a force that can potentially harm ordinary people. This is because, as that news outfit reports, the Occupy Movement has shifted its attention away from Wall Street and towards the pillars of the consumer economy, namely the likes of Wal-Mart and This shift, according to the report, amounts to the movement waging a war against consumers, and therefore against the American masses (Lerman and Kachersky). In London, meanwhile, the movement is being portrayed as one that disrupts preparations for the Olympics by an online media outfit catering to London residents. On balance this coverage likewise portrays the movement as carrying the message of negative disruption of something that is good, namely, the Olympics. Moreover, the title of the news article clearly labels the movement as being “anticapitalist” (sic) (Bartholomew). Elsewhere, the influential The Washington Post portrays the movement in somewhat more positive terms. Going against popular media portraying the movement as without purpose, the article notes that in fact the movement has purpose, even if it is not well-articulated. Moreover, the movement has grassroots support from many sectors in society (Glantz).
Moving over to TV coverage, as exemplified by CNN coverage of the movement, the overall impression one gets is that of a group that is militant and aggressive in going against established authority. Recent CNN coverage is about the movement and the police in violent confrontations (Kastenbaum; Verello).
For the average citizen, of course media is a primary source of inputs on the movement, and of course as such the current media coverage shapes the message of the movement. As can be gleaned from the coverage examples above, the message seems to be lost in the more prominent portrayal of the movement as being violent, unruly, against ordinary consumers, and against such good things as the Olympics. Seemingly more intelligent coverage and opinion, meanwhile, is not as prominent, and reaches only an intelligent few. The overall impact of the media coverage seems to be a blurring of the movements real message or messages, because of the noise and the chaos that the media has come to associate with the movement in general (Kastenbaum; Verello; Lerman and Kachersky; Bartholomew; Glantz).
Picture Source: Verello (CNN)
Picture Source: Bartholomew (London24)

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