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Occupy movement as a Transnational Social Movement for social and economic justice - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper reviews the activities of the occupy movement and its role as an international social movement for social and economic justice. The movement sought to bring equality of persons in countries and urge the government and financial institutions to be accountable for their actions…
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Occupy movement as a Transnational Social Movement for social and economic justice
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Download file to see previous pages They claim that financial institutions and the political class work to benefit a minority few who have access to power while discriminating against the majority who are the common citizens without substantial access to power. This way, the system undermines democracy making economic situation of many countries unstable. The global civil society, therefore, is as a response to a democratic deficit that has led to the lack of public participation and transparency in governance. The occupy movement, though usually associated with the Occupy Wall Street Movement that began in 2011, is an international movement whose effects have been felt in countries such as Chile, Egypt, Tunisia, Rome, Greece, and London. The movement seeks to bring and restore equality of persons in a country and urge the government and financial institutions to be accountable for their actions and align their actions with protecting the general public from economic fluctuations. 2.0. Discussion. 2.1. Background of the Movement. The occupy movement emerged as a response to the adoption of neo-liberalist policies in the place of classical Keynesianism. The neoliberal policies are blamed for inequalities and great disparities between the rich and poor and the failure of secularism and nationalism within governments. The agenda for the occupy movement, therefore, is to minimize these inequalities between social classes, gender, and religion. In achieving these goals, the movement operates in a transnational advocacy network that connects members from countries involved in order to synchronize and channel their efforts toward achieving their goals. The networks have to find avenues in the political space where they can air their grievances and advocate for their goals. This space is gained through forums...
This paper offers a comprehensive retrospective review of the occupy movement, its origin, its earliest agenda and its evolution through the years. The successful initiatives undertaken by the movement and failures or challenges it continues to face is being studied. The members of the occupy movement claim that financial institutions and the political class work to benefit a minority few who have access to power while discriminating against the majority who are the common citizens without substantial access to power.
The international social movements take place in the world system that already divided into the core, semi-periphery ad the periphery. Those at the core are endowed with more resources than those at the periphery. This means that a movement at the core will be more powerful with greater impact than one at the periphery.
These movements are driven by emotions emanating from unfairness and inequality in treatment of those in the lower classes arousing anger, frustration, and humiliation. They attempt to achieve this by making the economic and power relations fair in specific countries so that resulting inequalities can be minimized.
The Occupy Movement’s agenda is to and the kind of corruption created by money and its effect on politics. Such a reduction of corruption would be achieved by a tightening of relations in the banking industry, a ban on high frequency trade, a control of fraud in the financial sector, and a political commitment ton investigation and prosecution of corrupt persons in the public sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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