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Several remixes of 80s music were played in the thirty or so minutes I stayed online, which include The Power Station’s…
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Internet Radio Station
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For this assignment, I listened to the “Club 80s with DJ Lex” program on for its electronic/dance, classic alternative, 80s music. Several remixes of 80s music were played in the thirty or so minutes I stayed online, which include The Power Station’s “Communication (long remix),” Killing Joke’s “Adorations (supernatural mix),” Nick Heyward’s “Warning Sign (12 inch version),” and The Flirt’s “Danger.” I was attracted to the program’s upbeat, nostalgic, and energetic music.
I liked listening to internet radio because they play songs which are not normally played on the radio. Internet radio stations present an array of choices for audiences with specialized taste in music. Depending on one’s mood, one can easily access an internet radio station and choose a specific program that will suit his/her taste. In addition, there are few advertisements in internet radio, which means that more music is played on the airtime.
What I primarily disliked about internet radio is the lack of live DJs who introduce and comment on the songs. Although radio is traditionally a one-way form of communication, the presence of live DJs in them gives the medium a human dimension. Internet radio, in contrast, felt mechanical; it can be likened to listening to a CD or recorded music that is, once in a while, interrupted by canned voices and advertisements.
I will definitely listen to that station again because it plays 80s music which I really like and cannot find readily on traditional radio. The program offers an extensive music collection which shows the upbeat and energetic vibe of the 80s. Listening to that radio station reminds me of a lot of things about the 80s.
In addition, I will listen to internet radio again because the medium offers immediacy, which is not possible in traditional radio. Whatever type of music I want to listen to anytime can be found on the internet. In traditional radio, sometimes one has to make a request in order for his/her favorite song to get played. Although internet radio does not receive request from audiences, it offers a huge collection of specialized music which can be accessed anytime.
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