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Chapter four of the book authored by Fitch, offers insight into the various ways by which an individual needs to consider while interacting with the reporter. Since the information reported can only be controlled by the reporter, he has provided various steps that the person…
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Public Affair class summary #5
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Essay, Journalism, mass media and communication Interacting with Reporters and Media Overview and number: :
Fitch Chapter 4
Chapter four of the book authored by Fitch, offers insight into the various ways by which an individual needs to consider while interacting with the reporter. Since the information reported can only be controlled by the reporter, he has provided various steps that the person providing information should consider while planning a story. The person needs to carefully weigh whatever he or she is going to say and how to say it. The design of the story needs to be unique and compelling after conducting research on the targeted audience. After successfully pitching a story, it is important to identify the reporters interest. The interest of the reporter refers to what really inspired the reporter to do a particular story. This can be determined by focusing on how the reporter brings out the story or by tracking down his or her past coverage in the media outlets.
The next step, as noted by Fitch, in interacting with reporters entails making calls to a reporter. Before contact with a reporter, it is important to consider various tips effective for handling the reporter. For instance, face-to-face communication will require one to maintain eye contact with the reporter while offering responses. Key points should be emphasized using clear and well-structured statements. It is also important that comments made to a report should be specific whether they are going to be on-record or off-record. Both positive and negative information need to be handled professionally in order to avoid any bias or ambiguity. It is important to maintain a positive attitude and tone during any interaction with a reporter to avoid occurrence of any reporter problems during a media interview. Brevity and precision are always preferred during media interviews or in statements written to the media, as Fitch and Holt put it ‘sometimes less is more’. There is a need to create a good rapport with the reporter to win his or her attention.
Fitch Chapter 5
In this chapter, Fitch provides an overview of various forms of media. They include print media, Radio, Television and the internet. The chapter starts by analysing various forms of print media. The chapter indicates that these forms of media form the bulk of where most Americans get their news. They include magazines, newspapers or journal websites. Current financial information can be accessed by reading daybooks recording. Television medium is another form of media used in communication. Television stations offer specific programs aimed at meeting viewers expectations and needs. The programs range from talk shows to 24-hour cable networks. The relevance of the programs aired by TV stations and the coverage forms the basis of their rating. An individual who intends to pitch a given TV station has to consider the current rating of that station, as well as the type of programs and news covered in the past. Some TV stations have aired news perceived to be partisan.
Fitch has also provided an overview of Radio medium. Although audiences have shifted to other forms of communication, Radio medium has retained its relevance by hosting talk shows on various issues being experienced in the public. There are also specialized programs that offer news on traffic and weather events of various regions. Technological development of various forms of communication has resulted to widespread use of the internet. Through the internet individuals, government agencies and private organizations exchange information with the use of the websites, social media and blogs.
Works cited
Fitch, B. " Interacting with Reporters and Overview of the Media: Print, Radio, TV, and the Internet". Media relations handbook for government, associations, nonprofits and elected officials. Ed. J. Holt. Alexandria, VA: The Capitol Net, 2012. Print. Read More
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Public Affair Class Summary #5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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