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The imperative of television in modern day affair cannot be overemphasized especially at a time when globalization and linkages between nations has become a normal affair. The advent of television radically transmogrified the whole concept of information, communication and…
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Critical Communication Event in Wireless Telecommunications
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inserts His/her inserts inserts Grade   Wireless communication The imperative oftelevision in modern day affair cannot be overemphasized especially at a time when globalization and linkages between nations has become a normal affair. The advent of television radically transmogrified the whole concept of information, communication and entertainment. However, the internet age has brought more than television did. A noticeable commonality realized from all these forms of communication is the fact that they both depend on wireless technology. Well, the digital age is totally governed by information which is normally relayed through wireless means. The history of wireless technology is not a onetime affair. It has been a gradual advancement that has seen bit after bit of new knowledge added to the already existing pool so that conveyance of information in the modern time has become an easy affair (Goldsmith, 2007).
The case between Emery and Southwest Airlines is a classic example of issues that erupt daily which without the modern forms of communication may never be known. Emery is denied entry into the Airline’s flight on the account of his weight. The issue is seen to trigger a lot of public interest as a function of its wide coverage in the media through television and the internet. The very fundamental role of the media is reflected in this case. It is important to realize that the media solely acts as a means through which the masses can obtain the information and no more. The information is relayed through such outlets as eTurbo and ABC News which clearly analyze the whole situation thereby making the public quite informed and aware of the true nature of the Airline. It is therefore important to acknowledge the role played by modern -day communication more so wireless communication in the dissemination of very fundamental information that relates to humanity. Through such information, people are able to exercise their social characteristics to the benefit of humanity at large.
Goldsmith, A. (2007). Wireless Communications. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Read More
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