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Just like in U.S, the Chinese government through the Ministry of Education runs public education in China. Nevertheless, unlike in China, both public and private schools provide education in US (Corsi-Bunker, n.y). In China, it is mandatory for all citizens to attend school for at least nine years…
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Chinas Educational System
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China’s Educational System China’s Educational System Just like in U.S, the Chinese government through the Ministry of Education runs public education in China. Nevertheless, unlike in China, both public and private schools provide education in US (Corsi-Bunker, n.y). In China, it is mandatory for all citizens to attend school for at least nine years (China.Org, 2013) while US citizens must attend school for at least 16 years (Corsi-Bunker, n.y). There is standardization in China’s Educational System since only the state runs the system unlike in US where both the state and local government runs the system thus no standardization in the US education system. Notably, China’s Educational System offers higher quality public education compared to the US education system where Chinese students can outwit US students in standard tests. Indeed, China invests in quality education where about 4 % of GDP in China goes to education with a belief that education holds the key for individual, family, and state development in the future (China Education System, 2013). The Chinese education system includes pre-school, primary school, secondary school, high school, and higher education while the US system includes elementary school, middle school, high school, and higher education (China.Org, 2013). While the private schools in US have a right to determine their curriculum and staffing policies, private schools are only prominent between the wealthy Chinese and for international students (Li, 2012). Most specifically, China offers the largest public system in the world and has a consistent and more respected teacher development system compared to the US system (China Education System, 2013). Indeed, with an enrolment of more than 9.12 million students in higher education this year, China outweighs US in educational growth (China Education System, 2013). Ideally, there are significant strengths and weaknesses between U.S. and Chinese Public School Systems. In comparing the public secondary level education between the US and Chinese education system, I will establish relevant pros and cons with relation to the Chinese education system. Ideally, teachers in the Chinese public secondary level education derive more respect compared to American teachers in the same level. Indeed, teachers in China have their own national holiday (29 September) and their salaries are exempt from tax (Schaack, 2013). Moreover, students in the Chinese public secondary level have a huge commitment to education compared to their American counterparts. Indeed, students in China spend more time in education and work extra hard thus deriving high quality education and academic success (Schaack, 2013). Furthermore, the Chinese public secondary level has centralized academic standards that enhance global academic success unlike the US system that lacks a standardized system and thus hard to analyze its success (Schaack, 2013). Unlike the US public secondary level that segregates high achieving students from lower achieving students through tracking levels, the Chinese system believes in the capacity of each student (Schaack, 2013). Nevertheless, the Chinese system requires students in the public secondary level to have high stakes testing for them to proceed to higher education (Schaack, 2013). This is usually very challenging and fosters high school dropout rate that discredits the system. Additionally, the best institutions of higher education are in U.S and hence most graduates of the Chinese public secondary level proceed to U.S. universities and colleges (Schaack, 2013). Ultimately, we can assert that the Chinese public secondary level is more efficient compared to the U.S public secondary level. In comparing the tertiary level education between the US and Chinese education system, I will establish relevant pros and cons with relation to the Chinese education system. In both countries, tertiary education is available in universities, colleges, institutes, and vocational colleges. In US, students secure entry to tertiary institutions after passing the national entrance examination, where such entries are very competitive even in China (China.Org, 2013). Tertiary institutions in China offer a wide range of courses thus accommodating various students. In the recent years, China produced an increasing number of graduates from tertiary institutions (OECD, 2011). In addition, there are more students enrolled in vocational programs in China and students in tertiary institutions record high performance while compared to tertiary students in US (OECD, 2011). Furthermore, the gender gap in Chinese tertiary institutions is lower in comparison with the gender gap in US (OECD, 2011). Nevertheless, the overall level of tertiary attainment is low in China subject to the high population in China. Indeed, China accommodates about 12% of the world’s tertiary graduates while US accommodates about 26% of the world’s tertiary graduates (OECD, 2011). More so, the spending per student in China is low in comparison with the spending per student in US despite making huge investing large capital in education. Moreover, the US tertiary institutions are the best in the world and hence Chinese Students would leave China to obtain excellent academics achievements in American universities. References China Education System. (2013). China Education. Retrieved from: China.Org. (2013). I want to learn about China's education system. Retrieved from: Corsi-Bunker, A. (n.y). Guide to the Education System in the United States. Retrieved from: Li, J. (2012). China’s Achilles Heel: Education System. Retrieved from: OECD. (2011). Education at a Glance 2011. Retrieved from: Schaack, T. (2013). Comparing U.S. and Chinese Public School Systems. Retrieved from: Read More
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