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Theory Of Hegemony - Term Paper Example

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Theory of Hegemony Name Professor Course Date The field of communication studies has recently emerged as one of the fields that focus its attention to technological advancement and the interests of audiences in communication hence contribute to globalization…
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Theory Of Hegemony
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Download file to see previous pages These studies are also concerned with areas like culture, digital and visual culture, cyberspace, and media and economic and super structural social organizations with the core principal of enabling communication are the core of media studies. Various scholars and researchers have come up with theories explaining critical communication and effects affecting critical communication studies this paper will examine hegemony theory and expounds how it has contributed significantly to the field critical communication studies (Anderson, 2006). An analysis of hegemony theory reveals that cultural institutions are significant in power maintenance, in capitalist societies using cultural institutions. Antonio Gramsci who is an Italian writer, political theorist, linguist, politician, philosopher, writer, and sociologist developed hegemony theory. Gramsci is of considerable significance in the founding of Communist Party of Italy and as one of the fop Marxist thinkers, during his regime Gramsci emerged as a distinguished figure in analyzing culture and political leadership. The theorist is known for the contribution to the use of cultural institutions in maintaining power in capitalist societies by use of his theory of cultural hegemony. ...
The theorist views modern intellectuals to be organizers and practically minded directors significant in producing hegemony using ideological devices, for example, education and media and not talkers like the past intellectuals. He went further in bringing a distinction between thinking groups and traditional intellectuals; traditional society views itself being a class and a sector of the society while the thinking groups are products from their own ranks. Cramsci holds a view a believe that need for the creation of a working-class culture to serve the main purpose of renovating and to formulate critical of the status quo in the existing activities of the intellectuals. Gramsci could not manage to pursue his education because of financial and health problems as well have his emerging political commitment by that time he had, however, acquired a sufficient knowledge in various fields like history and philosophy. He had also interacted with thoughts from other thinkers like Antonio Labriola, Benedetto Croce, Giovannini Gentile and Rodolfo Mondolfo during his studies at the university. Gramsci’s work on writing socialist including Grido dell Popolo from 1914 boost in earning positive reputation as an outstanding journalist, he later join the Piedmont edition of Avant as a co-editor that is for the Socialist official organ. His eloquence and profilic writing on political theories confirmed his ability of being a formidable commentator participating on writing of features concerning the Turin’s social and political life (Anderson, 2006). During this time, Gramsci ventured into education and the general organization of Turin workers while presenting his speech for the first time in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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