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Hegemony and Educatiom - Research Paper Example

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Hegemony and education Date: Hegemony and education Hegemony is defined as the imperial dominance in an indirect form, whereby, the hegemon rules over subsidiary states by oblique means of power as opposed to direct military force (Roger, 1991)…
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Hegemony and Educatiom
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Hegemony and Educatiom

Download file to see previous pages... This essay will also discuss the ethical issues and the negative effects contained in hegemony and education. As stated above, hegemony and education are closely related. Hegemony presents itself in various fields including cultural, religious, and regional studies. In the past, hegemony was closely associated with political and military rule of states. However, in the 20th century, it was centered on cultural hegemony. This concept was invented by Antonio Gramsci, a Marxist scholar (Roger, 1991). The concept was known as the cultural domination theory which is an analysis of the economic class. Therefore, the sociological and philosophical theories are an analysis of the norms that form social structures (Raymond, 1977). Elementary education is also known as primary education. It is usually a period of at least 8 years of schooling from age five or six (Brandt, 1986). However, this varies depending on the country that the learner is located in. The politico-military connection in the ruling of a subordinate society encourages cultural and social tasks that are quite non-beneficial and deviant to the members of the society (Roger, 1991). These social, cultural and political issues are of significant effect in the elementary curriculum. In the elementary education level, both the learners and the staff are affected by the socio-cultural and economic factors. For example, elementary tutors face formidable challenges in their work. In the contemporary world, many elementary teachers are subjected to demands in the philosophy of education, standardized assessment of their teaching skills, and school organization. In general, critical pedagogy shows that there is unequal social stratification in the society (21st Century Schools, 2010). It is based on gender, race, and social class which are evident through the military and political rule in a social setup. At the elementary educational level, the learners are to be taught effectively to achieve a positive outcome in the society in the future. However, the hegemonic control over various educational levels reflects negatively to the learners in various countries. Additionally, the issue of hegemonic masculinity has also affected the female tutors in most educational institutions. This concept has been contested and has also attracted serious criticism in the academic world (21st Century Schools, 2010). In hegemony, the authority relations are said to have significant implications in the way individuals understand ethics. Ethics can be defined as the moral way of life. Ethics is applied in most fields of life including the military sector. In the military, ethics guides the militia group to act consistently while following the necessities of the organization. Just like in the militia organization, schools have also set up ethical guidelines that are to be observed by the teachers, learners, and other staff in a school (King, Hollins & Hayman, 1994). In hegemony, the most common ethical issues that are able to arise include diversity, inequity, injustice, and growth-hindrance factors that affect the society. These factors are considered the central ethical challenges in this case study. The ethical issues are likely to arise from the indirect rule in any subordinate state. The inequality and injustice elements in the society are based on gender, race, and economic class of the individual or society involved. Furthermore, the diversity and growth-hindra ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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