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United States and the neo-Gramscian perspectives - Essay Example

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Essentially, neo-Gramscian perspectives approach international relations based on the position that hegemony is critical in understanding the world order. The approach is further complimented by counter-hegemonic solutions against it. Hegemony is viewed as a mutually irreducible…
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United States and the neo-Gramscian perspectives
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United States and the neo-Gramscian perspectives

Download file to see previous pages... The United States is an interesting case as explained through neo-Gramscian perspective. The model is able to evaluate American policies and their motivation, including their impact on the global arena. There is valuable insight offered with respect to the American behavior in international relations and how to understand and deal with it as a hegemon.
This paper will explore the United States from the neo-Gramscian perspective. For this purpose a brief discourse on the theoretical model will be included, with a brief discussion of hegemony from different perspectives as well as the stability and the neo-Gramscian thought and its challenges. This paper will cover the theoretical discussions on power structural, the declinist school of thought, and the concepts of unipolarity and multipolarity.
The concept of hegemony emerged out of the integration of the world system on the strength of global economic and political developments. As members of the system struggle and compete in order to navigate its intricacies, players adopt policies that promote and advance their interests. Successful players become dominant within a process that many thinkers consider as social in terms of formation. These players are able to exploit the system to perpetuate its status. Antonio Gramsci, the Italian thinker, provided one of the most important bases to this thought by capturing the dynamics of this process. His position holds that hegemony pertains to the process in which a hegemon is able to exploit the world system for its own purposes. This is achieved through the consent of the dominated class who act for programmes that benefit the hegemon although they may not always be in their best interests.2 This Gramscian perspective is important in the sense that it implies a dominance that is not based on brute force or coercion. Rather, it is viewed as a result of manipulation, with the dominant player(s) orchestrating events and strategies in such a way that subordinate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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