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One Concept, One Reading, and One Application - Essay Example

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Active Audience in Mass Media and Communication: Television Debates Introduction John Fiske (61) states “The actual television viewer is a primarily social subject. This social subjectivity is more influential in the construction of meanings than the textually produced subjectivity which exists only at the moment of reading.” This paper seeks to establish the concept that “In television debates, it is important to analyze whether the strategies adopted by the television companies are designed to influence the engagement of the viewer…
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One Concept, One Reading, and One Application
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Download file to see previous pages This concept has been refined over a period of time based on the experience gained by television professionals and the public in dealing with the social issues. This audience engagement is more pronounced in TV debates than in any other programs on television. It doesn’t exist only at the ‘moment of reading’ but, the subject lingers in the minds of the audience which might prompt them to react later. Therefore, effectiveness of communication at this stage, if at all it is intended, can be measured by its impact on the public subsequently. In any other case, the impact of a good debate is expected to form a public opinion or shape up the public’s attitude in social issues of various kinds. Social subjectivity argument is more amenable than textually produced subjectivity especially in the political setup prevailing in most of the countries that is predominantly democratic with liberal views on freedom of speech and expression. Convergence of technology It is also interesting to note that the technological developments took place over years have enhanced the role of media as a means of mass communication in societies. The earlier boundaries in information and communications technology have vanished under convergence of technology. Television networks offer phone service and Internet television. Mergers between media and telecommunication firms gave rise to faster technological developments and their applications for commercial exploitation. Mobile phones with plethora of facilities including Wi-Fi have made the media more interactive. Ernesto Schmitt (2013) said “Our Android users have been very vocal about wanting a full-featured tablet version of zeebox,” Technological developments have enabled increased connectivity between the audience and television. Zeebox CTO Anthony Rose stated: "The future of broadcast TV is about synchronicity between the TV and the second-screen. zeebox’s platform connects TV context with users and content owners, enabling a deeper connection between broadcast TV and its fans." John Fiske has not mentioned about the impact of technological developments, since most of the developments took place later. Applications in real life The author has pointed out “that Morley found that Hall, in following Perkin (1772), had overemphasised the role of class in producing different readings and had underestimated the variety of determinants of reading” (61-62) especially ideologies. But, ethnography as a valid method of studying television and its viewers based on culture has its own limitations though it takes into account the diversity in social formation and culture. For example, debates on important subjects like ‘employment in call-centre’, ‘Diversity in workplace’ or ‘outsourcing’ would be more useful not only to the employees, but also to the employers, students and public who have vested interest in the discussions on the subject. For instance, the need for diversity in work force, its impact on culture or its benefits could lead the people to introspection and change their opinions or views in the light of the debate. While focussing the differences among viewers, revaluation of the text is also necessary for paying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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