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Does The Idea Of International Development Serve Particular Power Interests In Global Politics - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This report talks that international development is deemed to be one of the debatable issues in the present global world. It is fundamentally denoted as a practice, which has been initiated to mitigate poverty, economic inequality and financial disparity prevailing within varied nations. …
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Does The Idea Of International Development Serve Particular Power Interests In Global Politics
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that based on the above analysis and discussion, it can be ascertained that the idea of international development is successfully acting as a tool to serve power interests of the nations in the domain of global politics. In the contrary, it can be apparently observed that in most of the circumstances, different developed and underdeveloped nations have been practising unethical approaches of international development. In this regard, one of such approaches can be the desire of strengthening power interests in global politics.
This paper makes a concusion that the idea of international development paved the way for the developed countries to enhance their power strengths over the underdeveloped nations. In this case, it can be affirmed that the developed nations have misused international development based programs as a podium to enhance their respective power interests in the domain of global politics. The underdeveloped nations that were economically weak had to follow certain prescribed guidelines in order to attain the benefits of international development. In this present day context, it can be apparently observed that the international development based programs have drifted from the initial motive of social welfare and justice towards creating the need of serving particular power interests in global politics. Thus, it can be concluded that the present day international development idea is providing an effective base for the nations to develop their power interests and fulfil their motive of emerging as superpowers throughout the globe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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