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Is Media Globalization a Form of Cultural Imperialism - Essay Example

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In this paper, we will critically discuss media globalization and its role in cultural imperialism and specific example of globalization in media.Currently most of media, which have always been broadcasted at national level, has drastically become global. …
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Is Media Globalization a Form of Cultural Imperialism
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Download file to see previous pages This wide spread of its globalization has come up because of innovation and development of advanced information communication technology. Furthermore, globalization of media has facilitated all other forms of globalization in the world owing to the fact that multi-national media is very fundamental in global industries. Many individuals especially in the western countries believe in enjoying the positive impacts of media globalization without fearing or avoiding the media negative results which may include violation of freedom to speech. International communication has been made cheap through Media globalization and availability of advanced communication. This enable people have video conversation with their own who might be miles away. It helps business people be informed on the current status on the stock market via cell phones. This helps in good use of funds, time and power. Internet as another development in media has positively encouraged development in the world health sector. In the event of critical illness, a doctor can transmit an X-ray or MRI through another one at a far country thus offering better solution. A client is thus able to get it effectively and efficiently saving many lives. More advances are being made in media technology such as compression technology to enable easier and good transfers of CAT scans via the Internet for patients to access efficient assistant from all skilled professionals globally. Additionally via the worldwide web, a lot of information has been made readily available to all hence need to be informed in the right way. Homogenization and hybridization are two major types concerning that unify global culture. Homogenization equates globalization with depletion of...
This essay approves that media is currently available and to the reach by people which is contrary totally different from previous status. An example is given of increased competition in the open market which has lowered content diversity. This is observed to standardize a profit as the organizations compete for more audience. Similarly, news stations have taken followed the profit formula hence lower quality of journalistic content bringing a very confusing situation hence global poor understanding of news resulting from personalized media content. Owing to the fact that advertising is great source of finance in media it is right to argue that media never choose the important products to advertise as their motive is profit maximization.
This global media ignorance of the public interest does not result from changes of one’s standards in professional journalism. Also it never results from more public need for less irrelevant and evil information. The media is thus to lower public demand and esteem as they broadcast according to their satisfaction.
This report makes a conclusion that since media has great societal influence it is good to regulate it more for nothing can stop media globalization. It will keep non influencing impact people behavior. Therefore, it is advisable for governments to ensure media freedom but set rules that will favor protection of people culture and good character as well. Therefore, it is right to argue the fact that medial globalization is source of cultural imperialism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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