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Globalization and its Impacts on Arts and Cultural Values - Term Paper Example

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This work "Globalization and its Impacts on Arts and Cultural Values" describes the influence of globalization on culture. The author takes into account the role of the media, cultural exchanges, economic exchanges, the influence of business, ‘transnational corporate cultural domination’. …
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Globalization and its Impacts on Arts and Cultural Values
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Extract of sample "Globalization and its Impacts on Arts and Cultural Values"

Download file to see previous pages In modern times, the situation is very different, now the world is a vastly different society with modern means of communication and technology, ideologies, international treaties, etc. Today the USA appears to be at the forefront of influencing the cultures across the globe. But, it’s not a one-way process anymore. If a large number of US companies are able to make good progress in the spheres of trade and business in many regions of the world, there are many US businesses that have gone to the outside world as well. For example, in the field of IT and IT-enabled services, on the one hand, many US companies are on an outsourcing spree while there is an equally impressive number of emigrant people making the US their home for professional reasons and thus influencing the culture of the country.
But the growing influence of Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) in almost all walks of life is being termed as a cause of worry by some analysts. What provides fuel to such concerns is the fact that these MNCs come from those very nations who were involved in imperialistic practices in those early days. Bodies like United Nations (UN) and World Trade Organisation (WTO) have been trying to implement a code of conduct for business practices, but at times these international organizations appear openly dependent on the so-called developed nations. Such international organizations have been asking for the reduction in cross border tariffs, international movements of people, global circulation of ideas, exchange of cultural values, increasing activities of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) or voluntary organizations, etc.
Media plays a very important role in telling the people about the values, ideas, opinions, and culture of any country and organization. In fact, media helps in propagating the value proposition of one country into another, provides space for disseminating art and architecture as well as consumerist ideas amongst the populace. Organizations often hire Public Relations companies to undertake such tasks. These PR companies study the local environment, the beliefs, and cultures of the local consumers, and then devise appropriate strategies in such a manner that the ideas and products are accepted by the people. Media is supposed to influence the communicative practices of individuals and institutions, which in turn influence the people and societies. Of late the growing influence of media in all spheres of life is leading to a belief that it is another kind of imperialism in which people tend to forget and gradually discard their own cultural ethos and values while adopting the ideas being propagated by the media.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Globalization and its Impacts on Arts and Cultural Values Term Paper, n.d.)
Globalization and its Impacts on Arts and Cultural Values Term Paper.
(Globalization and Its Impacts on Arts and Cultural Values Term Paper)
Globalization and Its Impacts on Arts and Cultural Values Term Paper.
“Globalization and Its Impacts on Arts and Cultural Values Term Paper”.
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