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Explain why United States based media conglomerates are so successful on the world media markets - Essay Example

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The United States based media conglomerates have a leading position, if not dominant, in the global media market thanks to an existing state of equilibrium constituted by political, cultural and economic factors. The United States companies in general and the media conglomerates…
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Explain why United States based media conglomerates are so successful on the world media markets
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Download file to see previous pages Yet, the synthesis between the local and the global in content has become the order of the day as it is successfully adopted and implemented by the United States based media conglomerates.
Since media plays a vital role in the cultural lives of millions of people and the fact that media sector is by and large controlled by American interests, there have been arguments in favour of the idea ‘cultural imperialism’. Although the central postulate of cultural imperialism thesis remains valid due to the lopsidedness in the global media market, the so-called cultural imperialism through the American cultural products cannot be seen as one sided as the theorists of cultural imperialism perspective understood it to be. In the light of the recent developments taking place in the media sector, especially the regional media in the developing countries and the changes bought by the new media technologies, this paper intends to examine the case of United States based media conglomerates and their role in what is happening around us. The core concern of the essay is to examine what is remaining relevant with the arguments and concerns regarding American media supremacy and the criticisms provided by the contesting theoretical doctrines from the vantage point of the tremendous transformations occurring with the global media conditions from the very beginning of twenty first century.
The term global media denotes the collective of big media players and multinationals working in the integrated global media environment. They spread around the globe and significant share of the national markets and have the ability to pace up the opening up of new markets or even invent emergent markets. However, both global and local media organisations represent the characteristics of each other. Thussu (2007) has asserted that the development of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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