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Role of Communication in the Development of Cultural Imperialism - Essay Example

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This paper "Role of Communication in the Development of Cultural Imperialism" aims to rectify the effects of communication on cultural imperialism. The latter is a fictional activity that has been practiced from day one of the human civilization. The paradox is that cultural imperialism has been spread mainly by the weaker nations…
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Role of Communication in the Development of Cultural Imperialism
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Extract of sample "Role of Communication in the Development of Cultural Imperialism"

Download file to see previous pages Communication has great virtue towards the development of culture. Whether it is a business or the social culture the society has become a multilingual and harmony of different cultures. The communication caters importantly towards the development of Cultural Imperialism. With the noble phenomenon called globalization, the people and cultures have come up with a perfect blend for a successful society and for this metamorphosis the communication has a great role. Communication is the process by which messages can be conveyed to many people and the proper communication process is supported by the 360-degree communication process. It means the communication processes are supported by mass media like television, newspaper, radio and definitely the internet. Media and communication processes run parallel to meet the successful outcome of the communication processes towards the development of the cultural imperialism. This particular academic work would take an attempt to find out the contributions of the communication process towards the development of the cultural imperialism.

The concept of cultural imperialism:
There are many definitions of cultural imperialism, but, the whole concept of cultural imperialism is still being argued by many scholars’. According to Schiller’s definition, cultural imperialism is the accumulation of processes by which a society is being exposed to modern society. (Golding, and Harris, 1997, p 49). Sometimes it has been seen that to implement the cultural imperialism force and bribes have been given to shape the society in the required manner. There have been many arguments that have taken place for the subject of cultural imperialism.

Some scholars think that cultural imperialism is that which must be configured out of its discourse (Tomlinson, 2001, p 3). There have been many debates that have taken place in international televisions about cultural imperialism. All the debates are related to the explicit participation of the television media in setting up cultural imperialism.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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According to Bernd Hamm and Russell Smandych (2005) there are numerous reasons why this is so but these include the shrinking of the world into a global village due to technology, particularly the internet and other forms of information and communication technologies; the phenomenal growth and influence of American-exported cultural industries; and, the shifting state of international relations and global politics. (p. 3)

“In his lucid appraisal of the term ‘cultural imperialism’, John Tomlinson identifies four ways of employing this composite notion: as media imperialism, as a discourse of nationality, as a critique of global capitalism and as a critique of modernity.” (Colas 2007, p. 153)
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