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Communication in International Management - Essay Example

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Communication in International Management Name: Instructor: Date: Advertisements entail communicating a predetermined message to a target audience aimed at attracting their attention towards an item of interest to the advertiser. Advertising is done for the purposes of marketing goods and services to a target audience…
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Communication in International Management
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Download file to see previous pages Advertisements can be made out for anything, and other common advertisements include those made out for political and religious purposes. The targeted audience usually does advertising for commercial purposes to increase the consumption of an advertiser’s goods or services. Advertising can be done on numerous mediums through the intended message to the target audience is delivered. Any surface or place that a sponsor pays for in order for that space to carry their message to a target audience is referred to as advertising. This paper seeks to discuss advertising with relation to communication in international management by highlighting on a Moodle advertisement. The advertisement of choice is one about a company called Genius Gluten Free that deals with baked products like cakes and breads. I have chosen this advertisement because it is a simple advertisement in its presentation and it delivers the message intended by the product’s producers. The advertisement is also composed of the two most important elements of an advertisement making it a good choice for the purposes of this paper. The advertisement fulfils most of what a typical advertisement should in terms of raising the audiences’ awareness about the product, increases their knowledge, and works on their liking capability (Ott, 2011 p108). The advert also plays on the audiences’ convictions about product suitability to their lives and ultimately their purchasing power and ability (Volkman, 2006 p14). There various goals and objectives that advertisements seek to fulfil with respect to the products and the target audience that adverts are directed towards (Mukerji, 2011 p8). The means ends theory suggests that a message in an advert should lead to a desired change in a consumer that is beneficial to the advertiser (Zou, Shaoming, and Volz, Y. Z 52). According to Zou, Shaoming, and Volz, Y. Z (54), leveraging involves using adverts to direct consumers’ understanding about a product’s benefits that are relevant to their lives and their personal values. This is meant to drive the consumer to purchase the advertised product in an effort to improve their lives and/or add value to their lives. Meaning in adverts is brought out through the application of various aspects of advertising. In the Moodle advertisement for the Genius Gluten Free baked products, there is the use of both pictures and words, which serve to reinforce each other’s intended message to the target audience. An advert has various functions depending on the target audience for the product or service. Advertising functions include marketing, social, communication and economic functions, which are all external functions of advertising (Shimp, 2010 p13). In the Moodle advert, the function of the advert can be construed to be directed at serving a marketing and social function. This is because it addresses the nutritional benefit of Genius Gluten Free baked products to the health of the consumer. The advertisement includes image and word messages that reinforce each other’s meaning towards establishing the intended impact on the customer and potential clients. The advertisement utilizes the use of images and words, which are held either as captions or as plain text. The advert has an image of what seems like a loaf of bread wrapped in semi-transparent plastic paper with inscriptions about the nature of the bread. The plastic paper wrapping has colouring of Maroon and Yellow or Orange. The colour is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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