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Media politics: discuss the rise of state-supported international news media organisations ( this is not the full question, plea - Essay Example

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The rise of State-Supported International News Media Organization Introduction Media plays a very critical role in providing information to the public and has been used in very many ways to bring up personalities, and at the same time to pull them down. In some cases, media has faced reasonable hurdles in achieving their objectives, as some of the totalitarian governments regimes have restricted operation of the media whereby the information disseminated by media must be approved by the state in such regimes…
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Media politics: discuss the rise of state-supported international news media organisations ( this is not the full question, plea
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Extract of sample "Media politics: discuss the rise of state-supported international news media organisations ( this is not the full question, plea"

Download file to see previous pages Even with the advent of the freedom of the press, there are still a number of impediments that the media still faces more so from the political class. Media reports and opinions are very important for key political personalities and they will be monitoring what the media say about them or political parties, and this has contributed to the challenges facing the media houses whenever they report controversial reports relating to those with political influences. The Rise of State-Sponsored Media Organization As has been indicated in the introductory paragraph above, most of the governments have decided to initiate their own media organization that propagates on those information that depicts them in good light while it does the opposite to the opponents. Most of the media houses sponsored by the state operates in disguise presenting a false facade to the public that they are independent and authoritative media houses interested in informing the people about issues but the information they do release is skewed on them. The state uses such media houses to accomplish their missions; enabling them to go on a rampage propaganda spin, for public relation and controlling the influence of the opposition. In this view, most of the international media organizations have been instituted for specific reasons, they are the mouthpiece of the states that have sponsored their being. Russia Today, RT Media Organization Russia Today, RT is a media organization that receives it funding directly from the Russian government, that is, the Federal Budget of Russia (Posel 2012). This money is channeled to the media organization through the relevant agency on Press and communication of the Russian federation. The fact that the government funds the media organization gives clear indications that it is in a way related to the government and will not be hard on them; hence it is construable that the Russia government do achieve some specific interests using the media organization. RT is a propaganda machine for the government of Russia in the international platform and that explains why the government in 2005-2006 did invest money in the media organization to the tune of $ 30 million. The fact that RT is a government supported media organization is accentuated by the fact that it has a close ties with RIA Novosti, RIA Novosti was a propaganda machine that was being used by the government of Russian way back during the period of cold war. RIA Novosti was initiated in 1941 following the resolution of the USSR Council of People’s Commission and the Communist Party Central Committee (Beumers 2011, p.84). The two bodies agreed to form the media organization as part of the Soviet information bureau, the formation of NIA Novosti was mainly to report of the international military events and the events of the domestic life in both the radio and periodicals (Posel 2012). RIA Novosti changed its name to Information Agency Novosti in the 1990s following the decree that was given by the then president Mikhail Gorbachev; Gorbachev in his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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