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Ordinary Citizens mediated by professional journalists - Essay Example

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Ordinary Citizens Mediated by Professional Journalists Ordinary Citizens mediated by professional journalists Introduction According to Mayr’s introduction to power, discourse, and institutions, media is a production industry that produces content for commercial purposes and in so doing, the media disseminates content that conveys dominant ideologies about its function as a reflection of societal believes, values, and principles, among other things (Mayr, 2008)…
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Ordinary Citizens mediated by professional journalists
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, the media plays a crucial linkage role between the social institutions through various genres and narrative styles. This paper will consider the purpose of a specific newspaper article as an example of media discourse to establish the kinds of institutional procedures and practices that may have influenced why the contents of the article may be deemed newsworthy. In addition to that, this paper will examine whether or not any of the article’s contents explicitly refer to the media’s role as a communication medium and how language style and specific instances of terminology have been used to convey the story, among other things. Section One The newspaper article that is under consideration due to its purpose as an example of Media discourse is by Calmes Jackie, and is titled “The First Lady Refuses to Let a Heckler Go Unscolded” (Calmes, 2013). This newspaper article appears in the New York Times Politics column of June 6, 2013; it is important to identify the source publication details of this article for cross reference purposes, to determine validity of the news item content in the source publication. ...
inds of institutional procedures and practices; in this particular case, the newsworthiness of this article may have been influenced by the practical and financial concerns. Institutions are shaped by discourse, and they in turn have the capacity to create and impose discourses (Mayr, 2008); in this regard, it cannot always be guaranteed that the news media will be obliged to provide an impartial and balanced coverage of important social and political events that shape the global landscape. Like all other institutions, the news media’s attempt to create a universal image of impartiality and balanced news coverage is always constrained by practical and financial realities such as the need for sustained efficiency. For instance, the news media is often under pressure to increase revenue for shareholders; in this case, the profit motive determines the kinds of events that are considered newsworthy and because of this, newspapers have been accused in the past of trivializing important issues (Reah, 1998). The news media procedures and practices eventually determine what news becomes, thus the news media only offers a partial view of the world that suits the interests of the socially and economically powerful (Bielsa and O’Donnell, n.d). The content of the article explicitly refers to the media’s role as a communication medium because it is deliberately structured by rhetoric and inclusive language that encompasses emotional and moral loading (Timucin, 2010), i.e. through scaffolding, or structuring of sentences and paragraphs to affect readers’ responses. Overall, the article mediates between meaning and socio-cultural reality, for instance, this article seeks to mediate reality by and through language (Talbot, 2007); such encoding is necessary for the purposes of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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