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Research based critical review: Current debates about the factors shaping the selection and production of news - Essay Example

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Number: University: Course: Date: Current debates about the factors shaping the selection and production of news The media play a significant role in shaping, amplifying and responding to public attitudes across wide ranging issues. In democratic societies, the mass media are the leading channels of communication to the masses of citizens across the country and the world at large…
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Research based critical review: Current debates about the factors shaping the selection and production of news
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Extract of sample "Research based critical review: Current debates about the factors shaping the selection and production of news"

Download file to see previous pages This critical review seeks to establish the current forces that govern the selection and production of news. Some of the current issues that have attracted a heated debate in the British mass media are the increased focus on poverty and misery, crime and social ills in the heath sector (Couldry, et al 2010). The increase in the number of rivals in the United Kingdom media market has resulted in fierce battles for attention from television viewers, newspaper readers and radio listeners. In the wake of increased internet coverage in many places, competition increases as the social media also occupies a pivotal role of informing the general public. The social media have become a firsthand source of information, resulting in intense rivalry with the traditional media like newspapers. Therefore, the media are fighting for attention of the public since their life is at stake. In their endeavor to survive in such a saturated and competitive market, the media is more and more venturing into other tactics like entertainment, instilling fear through crime reportage and mongering news on scandals (Curran & Seaton, 2009). Such news is always under researched and uninformed as media houses survival tactics. The current selection of news criteria is no longer on ideologies; the media seek to increase viewership and readership for their opinions on entertainment value. Media experts express their views on the power that the media has on people’s attitudes. People have a tendency of reading selectively to what they previously concur with and rationalize their attitudes in the face of divergent arguments. Curran & Seaton (2009) notes that the mass media has little impact to alter people’s attitude on aspects for which, they had previously formed an influential opinion. However, Curran and Seaton note that the media has a insightful impact in setting agendas and priming people on fresh issues. The manner in which an issue is framed determines how it is discussed. The ripple effect is that the discussion causes a social problem that is blamed on. News production usually goes through various steps namely sources and informants, news agents, reporters, news agencies journalists and editors. Due to the inadequacy of resources, many media utilize other media or use opinion leaders in order to make the information chain as long as possible. During this long chain, possibilities of distortion are likely to result, resulting in a substandard reporting to consumers. Different stakeholders affect the production and selection of news. Sources are the root cause of news, and this could be such as companies, individuals and other institutions. Sources have an interest in giving information that present them in a constructive manner and tend to withhold compromising information. This result in compromising news in there is a trade between sources and journalists for illustration, the Daily Mirror British newspaper reporting on crime heavily relies on police for news on crime. The reporting on crime in the 1st May 2013 report on prisoner van attack is dependent on police information. The title is so manipulative reading as “shotgun gang free two prisoners in van attack”. The headline attracts attention, yet the content is not as appealing and informative as the headline sounds. Moreover, the media report positively on the police in order ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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