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Media Ethics Blog Post - Assignment Example

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This paper will analyze the website “Perez Hilton” and consider it as a news source to show what it does with ‘news vs. entertainment’. In doing this, I will use some of the tools, techniques, and ideas we have talked in class. …
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Media Ethics Blog Post
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Download file to see previous pages is a website blog by an American blogger and television personality known as Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. alias Perez Hilton. This media blog contains tabloid photographs and information that covers gossip items about celebrities. The media blog also covers music awards, private events, and promotes music (Hilton Web). Nevertheless, the blog has been receiving criticism for increasing the media coverage of celebrities, posting misleading information, unethical reporting, and false advertising. All the same, remains a fundamental reference to ‘news vs. entertainment’ and has resounding influence in journalism and communication.
The blog covers and informs the audience on all happenings prior to, during, and after celebrity awards shows like MTV awards (Hilton Web). This generates a real feel of the entertainment events. Consequently, it informs and allows the music fans to vote for the shortlisted nominees for all music and movie wards. Additionally, the blog posts audio and video music links of up-and-coming musicians thus promoting their music. Actually, through the "Listen to This" category of his blog, many artists have indeed accessed the international market via music posts on the blog (Hilton Web). At the same time, Perez Hilton attends private events and posts live and true information and photographs of himself with the celebrities to the audience. I also like the fact that Perez Hilton speaks publicly against certain vices like discrimination of celebrities and other public figures. However, blog discriminates in covering media personalities and celebrities. Indeed, Perez Hilton seemingly has an affinity for given artists and a negative attitude against various celebrities (Hilton Web). Indeed, his proximity in reporting manifests biased coverage on blog. He has equally defamed many artists with false unethical allegations that lead to serious lawsuits against him. Additionally, there have been serious allegations of favoritism where Perez Hilton never reports on any information castigating his friend Paris Hilton. Actually, Perez Hilton reporting has been unethical where he makes untrue negative remarks about certain artists on the internet and posting music recordings on the internet illegally. Moreover, he posts rumors of death like that of the death of Cuban President Fidel Castro and misleads the audience on serious issues, as the illness of Michael Jackson that he claimed was a public stunt. More so, the promotion of same sex relationships in the blog is unethical. Notably, the website will have a significant impact on the perceptions of news vs. entertainment. Ideally, the website will have a positive impact on the perceptions of news vs. entertainment as it generates true entertainment by informing the audience, allowing their participation, and bringing entertainment close to them. More so, it also promotes up-and coming musicians. Nevertheless, it creates a negative perception through its unethical way of reporting and the biased information it relays which leads to a negative impact on the perceptions of news vs. entertainment. Furthermore, the favoritism in reporting, giving misleading information, discrimination in covering celebrities, and false advertisements generates an overall negative impact o ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Media Ethics Blog Post Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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