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Compare the travel journal to an online travel blog - Essay Example

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This essay describes the characteristics of travel journals in comparison to those of online travel blogs. The comparison between travel journals and online travel blogs leads to the assumption that the differences between these two sources are not as many as initially thought. …
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Download file to see previous pages In this "Compare the travel journal to an online travel blog" describes similarities and differences of these two tools of communication. Internet has helped people to share information that is often difficult to be acquired. Reference can be made, to blogs and other types of social media. The key difference between a travel journal and an online travel blog should be mentioned: a travel journal is a notebook, similar to a diary. The travel journal is differentiated from a diary at the level that ‘activities are not necessarily noted on a daily basis’ (Inbox Journal 2012). This means that in travel journal notes are kept in regard to a particular travel but the events of certain days may not be documented (Inbox Journal 2012).
Notes kept in a travel journal can be changed later, before the publication of the journal, without anyone to notice the alteration of the text. The specific issue is particularly important for the following reasons: a) if a mistake has been made when documenting events, this mistake will not be identifiable by readers if the author of the journal make the necessary corrections before the publication; in online blogs such option is not available as it will be analytically described later; b) events that have been documented in a travel journal can be erased later, and before the publication of the journal; in online blogs the text is directly available to the public, the blog’s visitors; erasing parts of the text could prevent other people from reading these parts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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