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E-marketing can be a rewarding medium of making money. Some of the easy, cost-effective tactics and tools to be used on a website include adding a “buy” button to one’s email signature. …
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E-Marketing: Methods, Strategies and Tactics
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Download file to see previous pages If there is more than one product, these can be revolved in and out of the signature of the seller (Beckwith, 2007). There are various other means such as creating a blog in an online community in MySpace.com as communities permit members with common likings to exchange things more comfortably. Knowledge of sophisticated technology, for example, using Windows Movie Maker, a video editing software program, to transform a PowerPoint presentation into a commercial can be made possible to host on YouTube.com. Niche audiences can be reached at through interactive tools such as blogs, which is quite effective in finding new customers (Beckwith, 2007). According to the readers’ poll on online marketing for 2011, the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ranks on the top for digital marketing tactics. Readers’ opinion was sought on what are the top three online marketing mediums and tactics. Readers did not vote for social media or email marketing but for SEO as the leading tactic for 2011 (Odden, 2011). Marketing strategies and tactics are determined by the marketing budgets that are planned to benefit from the best possible marketing mix for a given year. The responses from the survey can help companies in selecting strategies and formulating budgets accordingly. Respondents’ outlook has been quite holistic including search, social media, advertising, content and email as various tools in the kitty of e-marketing. The new addition in the top 10 e-marketing tactics has been content marketing, indicating the significance of critical content to impress upon the prospective customers to go for that product. Content is the magnet between SEO and social media. It is mostly the result of social communication online, to be shared and connected to generate better interaction on various types of search. According to the Junta42 Content Marketing Spending Report, 59% of marketers surveyed strategise to spend aggressively on content marketing in 2010 (Odden, 2011). Next-in-line in the top 10 e-marketing tactics is advertising through Pay per click and social media, but not with dedicated budgets. It points to the topical attention to Online Marketing Blog which considers the role of advertising relatively less than Search Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and Online PR. The viewing percentage of online marketing blog has gone up among readers in the marketing arena (Odden, 2011). Oestreicher (2011) analyses the marketing perplexity of tangible products in the virtual world because of ever-happening innovation in the field of technology and marketing connectivity. Newer technologies replace the older ones, creating the loss impact and the need for new marketing strategies. From technology perspective, the industry has not taken enough measures to save losses from the risk of downloading as in the music industry the marketing connectivity is quite weak. It has heightened fragmentation of the markets. Online strategies are on the rise relatively to traditional marketing strategies in various industries as in music industry. Generally, it is seen that marketers fail in enforcement and usage of ongoing marketing mix. Stress is given only to one P, mostly price, downgrading the criticality and interaction among various Ps. The marketers are now turning from Ps to S, which is space, the strategy for which needs to be reformulated by various industries invigoratively within the markets overflowing with new marketing forces (Oestreicher, 2011). It is observed that top marketers follow customer-driven market leadership strategies. Digital companies are finding new methods of adding value via customer interactions and new products, services and business ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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