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(Manifesto, Any thing do with Hong Kong or Canada, or, any problem do with canada food industry) - Essay Example

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Student's Name: Professor's Name: Course Name and Number: 13 January 2013 (estimated word count = 1,423) Using Sharks' Fins in Making Delicacy Soup Introduction The debate on preserving or conserving environmental resources includes all living things, whether terrestrial animals or marine organisms…
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(Manifesto, Any thing do with Hong Kong or Canada, or, any problem do with canada food industry)
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Extract of sample "(Manifesto, Any thing do with Hong Kong or Canada, or, any problem do with canada food industry)"

Download file to see previous pages Those on the preservation side always suspect those who advocate conservation with ulterior motives and then no matter how careful Man is, accidents do happen with unimaginable and often massive environmental disasters, like the Exxon Valdez incident in Alaska. I am a late environmentalist, meaning I got concerned with environmental issues just only a bit recently. Although there are many environmental issues that should properly be the concern of everyone on this planet, it is best to focus one's attention, energies, and efforts on a single environmental topic for better results. In this regard, I consider animal protection as the better way to express my environmentalism tendencies, because animals have feelings too, in the sense they can feel pain, just like humans or any other living creature, and yet no one has seemed to take up the cudgels in their defense. Animal rights advocates have been sounding a call to prevent unwanted slaughter of seals, the illegal trade in elephant ivory tusks, the use of tiger parts for aphrodisiacs, mining bile from bears, eating dog meat or any other forms of the most unusual animal cruelty. This paper is a manifesto on the killing of sharks for their fins. Discussion China today is considered as the world's oldest continuously existing civilization. It may not be the oldest or the first civilization to have arisen from human communities, but it is certainly the oldest, as previously older civilizations, like the Egyptian or the Sumerian (Iraq), or the Sanskrit civilization of India, had long ceased to exist, except in history books. China is also ascendant in the world stage today, eager to reclaim what it considers as its rightful place in global affairs, be it economic, military, financial, industrial cultural, or otherwise. As an old civilization in existence for the last five millennia, its language and culture are truly unique, a civilization inspiring awe and admiration, in some quarters. Its cuisine is also the envy of the world, using exotic ingredients in a meal or banquet fit only for an emperor. Its recipes had in many ways been preserved in writing in ancient texts, describing in detail how to cook up the best foods, ingredients to use, where to find them, how to chop, how to fry, how to steam, etc. China is a vast country, in terms of its population, diversity, and geography. As such, it is not surprising to find many unusual types of food, such as eating the brains of a monkey while it is still alive, literally eating it by placing its head through a hole on the dining table, crack its skull open, and then scoop up the brains. It is thought to be a good aphrodisiac and also as a defense against the cold of the harsh winter. This practice of eating its brains while still alive had since been banned, but people still do eat it at times, even if it is now illegal. Another key characteristic or feature of Chinese cuisine is its exquisite use of exotic ingredients. In another time, when the emperors still ruled China and considered themselves as geographic center of the entire civilized world, there is no ingredient that was too difficult to find or procure, from the highest mountains to the deepest oceans. It is good luck that pandas have not entered the Chinese menu, otherwise it could have gone extinct. But the more disturbing aspect of Chinese cooking is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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