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This paper seeks to highlight issues that affirm the assertion that the Canadian geography and historic development have gone a long way into shaping the country’s current political context. Canadian political arena is one that is comprised of somewhat a blend of different political manifestations…
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Canadian Historical Development
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Download file to see previous pages According to the essay findings Canada is one country that has received immense influence on its political landscape from the French, Americans and Britons. For this reason what is practised in Canada is more less a blend of the three to a hug extent. The rights and freedoms of individuals are well guarded by the constitution and so are regional autonomy and the rule of law. The English traditions, French civil law and North American aboriginal government have all been embedded into one item to form the Canadian political culture.
This study declares that the political landscape being a borrowed one is characterised by the country being a constitutional monarchy whose origin is the traditions of Britain. The other important characteristic is that of having federal system of governance with a parliament. These manifestations in the political arena all work together in harmony under the guidance of well rooted democratic traditions. It is important to note that the Canadian structure of governance was one that was established by the British parliament whereas the federal system of governance came later and was enacted by politicians of Canadian descent. These developments where Canadian politicians begun to take full control of the changes witnessed in their country gained momentum with the advent of the 1st World War. The natural resources in Canada are distributed in such a way that some regions are adored than others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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