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[Subject] Analysis of American Idol Celebrities that influence mass media are akin to an epidemic in America. Every generation has seen them resurface with a vengeance, from Jenny Lind in the 1850s, to the Beatles in the 1960s, to modern day pop stars and rappers such as Britney Spears and Lil Wayne…
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Analyze readings and tv episode
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Download file to see previous pages However, it is noticeable that the recent trend represents a paradigm shift in celebrity development. What is apparent is a programmatic shift in the way the contemporary celebrity is developed through concurrent media – television and internet-based branding in particular. Thus, no longer are only the elites with their extraordinary levels of consciousness considered as an important pool of personnel to be regarded for mainstream celebrity, as Hearn illustrates, “Psychoanalytic concerns about unconscious identity formation are for the most part, left to the side here, as are any claims about essential human nature” (198). This has paved way for Ordinariness amongst the recent wave of celebrity development, which, rest assured, has always enjoyed a certain repertoire amongst the discourses of mass celebrities along with denoting essential ingredients of various film and televised content (Bonner). Turner refers to this phenomenon as the demotic turn (153-154) which signifies a convergence of ordinary and celebrity. While there is inherent contradictoriness in the discourses of celebrity itself, as a celebrity by nature cannot be ordinary once elevated by mass appeal, this contradiction is what enhances the apparent widespread acceptance and validation of reality tv shows and the celebrity development it engages in. ...
sess singing skills to audition and be judged by a panel in order to partake further in various singing formats with the promise of a reward for the winner in the form of a contract with a leading record label. The participants are initially screened by a panel but later voted on by the general population in a seemingly democratic process of selection. The particular episode in question was part of season 11 episode 1, and was aired on January 18th, 2012. Analysis Turner’s principles of demotic turn were primarily aimed at the understanding of recent celebrity proliferation in mass media. His focus was to determine how self-branding techniques in popular media such as reality TV shows, DIY internet websites, radio talk shows etc. serve to exacerbate the systematic popularization of ordinary people in order to classify them celebrity status. His acknowledgement of the self is characterized by self-recognition, a distinct identity that is argued in the public’s redeeming eye, accepted and promoted. Reality TV accounts for a certain kind of recognition of self as well, as witnessed in American Idol over its tenure. Participants occasionally have to make their case in front of the judges in terms of qualities other than singing, which the show wholly comprises of. Turner cites William Hung as an example, who although never qualified past the screening process, argued that he did not have any training in singing or dancing which he seemed to believe identified him as unique (154). However, he most certainly classified as entertainment, and was rewarded by the show in subsequent re-runs of his audition as part of the show’s promotion. He engaged in a modern form of promotion that Hearn describes as a by-product of self-branding, a methodic interpretation of brand ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyze Readings and Tv Episode Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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