Summary of consumer insights and consumer media profile of Kit Kat for China - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Kit Kat Demands Part 1: Current economic status China has over the years seen an upward trend in economic growth. For 2012, it had an average of 9%. At the same time, it had an increase in revenues collected yearly. The increase was about 125…
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Summary of consumer insights and consumer media profile of Kit Kat for China
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Download file to see previous pages Its economic growth can be regarded to be slow despite the stability in its trends. The stability of business growth in a country can be attributed to good international policies and relationships with other foreign countries (Chow 211). It has expanded the boundary of its business associates as well as partners. For instance, recently, the country has entered into several business deals with other foreign countries and multinational companies to widen its demand pool. However, its economy is on a slow growing trend, an issue that is of great concern with others counter plating that the country’s economy would likely face a deep fall if the issue is not reverted. Slow economic growth can be associated with inadequate advertisement strategies. This work focuses on limitations as far as media business adverts are concerned. China imposes a lot of restrictions in the media business adverts. Such restrictions are meant to limit chances of consumers being misled by the economy sector. For instance, it does not allow the mentioning of certain foreign companies, medical institutions, among other elements in media adverts. Medical sector is meant to contribute a good portion to the general national economy, but inadequate medical adverts may force the citizens to seek medical services from foreign medical facilities with comprehensive adverts. The country does not permit business adverts interrupting television dramas among other programs. Business adverts on televisions are considered among the best advertising platform as it targets huge populations, and the advert is more likely to be viewed by majority of people since more Chinese tend to watch TV dramas compared to other programs. China has got several cultural as well as social values that tend to limit media adverts. For instance, children below the age of 14 should not watch several adverts associated with sexual or even alcohol contents. Furthermore, children below the age of 14 should not be featured in such adverts. China is strict on the language used in the adverts. For instance, the country discourages adverts in other language other than its native Chinese which may not be understood by the majority of the foreigners (Joseph 177). All these limitations in media adverts tend to discourage consumers from purchasing Chinese and other foreign countries’ products. Customers tend to develop negative attitudes towards such products just because of the incompetency in the media adverts. Such limitations also tend to discourage multinational companies from investing in China due to low demand, which is attributed by inadequate or limited advertisement strategies (Kelley 43). China has lost major foreign business partners due to its restrictions on the use of language, materials or personnel from foreign countries in the adverts of its products. Its limitations in its media adverts could have negative effects on its economy but Chinese culture is greatly preserved. China realized that majority of children could be compelled to imitate the concepts or ideas portrayed in the adverts; this would make them lose their originality which is a very vital component in any Chinese lives. Part 2: Consumer insight and media profile Several studies indicate that college age young adults form the largest proportion of chocolates, candy and biscuits among other snacks consumers in China and other countries as well. Kit Kat is a kind of snack that comprises of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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