How Aurora Restaurant Promotes Itself Among Postgraduate Students - Case Study Example

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This paper "How Aurora Restaurant Promotes Itself Among Postgraduate Students" looks into how the Aurora Restaurant in Nottingham can promote itself to Trent University students and represents a look into how the restaurant could build its business through marketing and promotional techniques…
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Download file to see previous pages The scope of this report seeks to reveal how through the use of promotions, the Aurora Restaurant can make a meaningful increase to its customer base from the huge number of students located at Trent University that is less than a 10-minute drive, or approximately 7 kilometers. In considering how the Aurora Restaurant could promote itself to appeal to postgraduate students, there are a number of factors to be considered. These represent pricing in terms of other postgraduate eating possibilities such as the university’s canteen and other options which were aspects brought forth in the questionnaire (Appendix 2). Another area to be considered is monetary constraints represented by postgraduate budgets. A study conducted by the university indicated that its postgraduate students earn an average of £17,688 per annum (Trent University, 2015). This cannot be assumed to be representative of all postgraduates as some attend full time and others work on a part-time basis. The university has 5,130 postgraduates with an undergraduate enrolment of 21,740 students (Trent University, 2015).  In terms of the postgraduates:2,480 are full time: and 2,650 are part-time (Trent University, 2015). This look at the Aurora Restaurant will seek to promote its business to Trent University postgraduate students and will look at demographics, target audience size, marketing analysis, and other areas. In order to address the research question posed by the title, a questionnaire conducted among Trent University students was used as the starting point. This was done in order to uncover their views and opinions concerning aspects and areas that provided the basis for understanding key issues and aspects to be considered in formulating a plan for the Aurora Restaurant to attract their business. This primary research formed the basis for looking at varied secondary research sources such as journal articles and the Internet as a means to determine potential approaches to increase student interest and trial of the establishment. The conceptual map identifies the steps used in the process where the potential attraction factors gleaned from the questionnaire formed the starting point, followed by the target audience analysis. This represents strategy content that leads to the strategy foundation process that recommended including all university students and the discount suggestion. The third segment under the strategy map strategy implementation that considered the positive questionnaire points in conjunction with the potential attraction factors from the questionnaire. These all lead to the Aurora marketing considerations that mesh the above three aspects into a recommendation that looked into all areas. This represented the strategy content that Varadarajan (2010) identifies as the relationships to be developed, offers used, timing and how resources will be deployed. There are 5,130 postgraduates enrolled at the university where 2,480 are full time, and 2.650 are part-time (Trent University, 2015). In a search for information on postgraduate resources and general information, a somewhat dated study by Groves (2003) was the only source that was located which provided important insights. It included observations to consider in terms of its postgraduate target audience strategy approach. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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