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The University of Limerick offers different training programs in the faculty of business studies for postgraduates with the basic platform of ensuring professionalism in different work environments. The learning impacts created on postgraduate students underlies the course…
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Methedology in postgraduate education in UL
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Methodology in Postgraduate Education By: The of Limerick offers different training programsin the faculty of business studies for postgraduates with the basic platform of ensuring professionalism in different work environments. The learning impacts created on postgraduate students underlies the course description and methodology applied. Business studies for postgraduate provide students with specific skills that are supposed to run for a period of two years. The business skills viewed as convenient and applicable in job markets by the university education board include advance principles of accounting for postgraduates, human resource management, economics, business risk management and marketing (University of Limerick, Centre for Teaching and Learning, 2014). A student applying for any of these courses undergoes regular application process which involves online registration and submission of required details as prescribed by the university regulatory board.
The learning process once admitted into the university comes in two folds. A postgraduate may apply for online learning described as O’Del (Open, Distance and Electronic Learning). In this platform, a student obtains all the course requirements and lectures online but merge at the end of the semester to fulfill the course requirement by taking final exams (Ebel, Mohr & Commission of the European Communities 2009, p. 77). On the other end, one may decide to leverage on the side of full time learning process, attending to lecture physically, submitting assignments one on one and not electronically or online. However, at the end of the learning period, the students merge for a common exams and evaluation based of syllabus coverage.
Other than the theories taught in class, postgraduate students will undertake a two weeks training even study trip or business simulation program every semester. This is meant to enhance the student’s knowledge on writing dissertations which will eventually see them graduate from UL. The university operates of full time calendar with short interval holidays between the terms calendars. Each semester runs for a period of three months with one month holiday until the completion of the degree program.
Ebel, A., Mohr, B., & Commission of the European Communities. (1987). Higher education in the European Community: Student handbook. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press.
University of Limerick, Centre for Teaching and Learning 2014, Information & Resources for Students. Available from <>. (10 March 2014) Read More
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