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Attitude to Exercises and Activity Levels - Essay Example

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A sound mind in a sound body" so says the golden wisdom. It has long been recognised that one's body needs to be healthy to have a healthy mind. Healthy mind means a mind free of psychological problems and sharpened faculties capable of solving problems. Healthy body is related to physical fitness and is needed for active life which encourages healthy mind…
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Attitude to Exercises and Activity Levels
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Download file to see previous pages Individuals become lazy and less active. Some people are able to counter this by regular exercise schedules to keep the body fit and be physically and mentally alert. But majority of people are unable to find time to do so due to various factors. They become overweight leading to reduced activity levels. However, almost everyone agrees that physical fitness is needed to keep oneself active. Some relevant research works in these aspects are discussed below.
Peter D Hart Research Associates reported the results of their survey on attitude towards physical activity and fitness among Americans conducted in 1993. Lack of positive attitude to exercise and poor activity levels were found to be a nation-wide problem not confined to any socio-demographic section. About 54% of less active persons were in the age group of 18 to 44. Physical fitness and overall health were higher in more active groups. Encouragingly, about 60% persons in the less active group desired to be more physically active. But there was no effort to implement this desire. The major constraints cited were: lack of time, poor health, family problems, lack of motivation, lack of access and satisfied with the current status. Health consciousness was the biggest motivator. (Anonymous, undated-a)
A survey among university stu...
(Mack and Shaddox, 2004) Similar results were reported in schoolchildren of Greece by Christodoulos et al (2006). The authors predicted the possibility of slowing down decline in physical activity due to increasing age.
Hagger et al. (1997) in a UK study stressed the need for developing positive attitude among schoolchildren towards physical activity to maintain healthy and active life styles.
Findings of Kearney (1999), Margetts et al (1999), Martinez et al (2007) involved studies on attitudes towards physical activity, body weight, health and activity levels. Physical activity was adjudged as more important to be more active and reduce overweight. But a large majority believed their present level of physical activity to be adequate. Removal of stress could be used as a motivator for increased physical activity through exercises. Young, tertiary-educated, slim, non-smoking and active males are more likely to consider physical activity more important. Quinn et al (2008) observed positive effects for physical education programme on obese females.
Stein et al (2007) found increased physical activity resulting in increased athletic and social self-perception in boys and girls, but there was no effect on scholastic capability.
Amireault et al (2008) identified age and annual income as moderators of intention-behaviour relationship and perceived control of behaviour by testing Azjen's theory of planned behaviour. These moderators could be considered for positive effects of intervention programmes.
Seabra et al (2008) observed reduced physical activity in Portuguese female adolescents unlike male adolescents.
Based on a review of works in exercise-physical activity, Livingstone et al (2003) concluded that methodology for physical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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