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Assessment of Older Adults - Assignment Example

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Assessment of Older Adults Name Institution Assessment of Older Adults More than often, older adults participate in different physical activities as a way of keeping both physical and health fitness level. Nevertheless, as they grow older, they experience changes in their body physique especially as their muscular strength and flexibility of the bones decreases, as they become exposed to different dangers that come with the physical activities…
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Assessment of Older Adults
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Extract of sample "Assessment of Older Adults"

Download file to see previous pages As a result, it is critical to evaluate an individual’s physical fitness level to check for health complications. As a way of measuring the physical fitness level of an older adult, it is vital to carry out an evaluation through the PAR-Q rating, health status, general medical history, risk factors and precautions, medications, health and lifestyle related behaviors. Considerably, it is also critical to carry out testing of CRF, endurance, flexibility, and strength, body composition, nutrition, readiness for change, motivational strategies and finally give recommendations on behavior modifications based on the assessment. PAR-Q rating In most cases, assessment of the PAR-Q rating using the president’s council on physical fitness and sports tests questionnaire ascertains an individual’s agility towards physical activity. Therefore, the president’s council on physical fitness and sports test remains vital, Johnson pointed out that he does not have any heart complication and joint problems that could hinder his engagement in physical activity. ...
on PAR-Q rating indicates that even though, Johnson feels dizzy he is physically fit to engage in non-vigorous physical activity recommended for participants of over sixty-five years. Health Status More significantly, an assessment of Johnson’s health status indicates that even though, he suffers from dizziness he remains physically fit to undertake any physical activities for older adults of his age group. Even though, Johnson has a good health status with no complications that have been ascertained so far by the doctor that could restrain him from engaging in normal physical activities (Howley & Franks, 2007). It is exceptional for caution to be taken on Johnson’s health status especially because cardiovascular complications among such older adults could hinder them from being physical active, as a distinct health precaution to follow. General Medical History In physical activity, the medical history affects the exercise process based on an individual’s health status. Through assessment of individual medical history records of complications that would hinder an individual from participating in physical exercise is sought from a physician’s advice. More than often, complications of heart diseases, asthma, pulmonary and diabetes are common as they hinder one from engaging in exercises. An assessment of Johnson medical history indicates that he has no medical complication history as he engages in simple physical activity. Therefore, Johnson remains physically fit to engage in any physical activity that older adults can engage in at ease. Assessment results on testing CRF, Endurance, Flexibility, and Strength More than often, instructors ascertain the levels of CRF, endurance, flexibility and strength before engaging older adults in physical exercises. With a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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