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Plan to Fight Obesity - Assignment Example

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Assessment of Obese Adults Name Institution Assessment of Obese Adults In most cases, individuals who are obese express interest in different physical activities participation as a way of losing weight and keeping themselves both physically and healthy fit as they control the effects of the health complications in their bodies…
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Plan to Fight Obesity
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Extract of sample "Plan to Fight Obesity"

Download file to see previous pages As a result, caution must be taken while recommending exercises for obese adults, who wish to engage in weight loss physical exercises to prevent further complications that come about with aging, to ensure that suitable exercise and fitness test is undertaken (Howley & Franks, 2007). It is critical to evaluate an individual’s physical fitness level to check for health complications associated with obesity conditions. More considerably, to measure the physical fitness level of an obese adult, remain imperative to carry out an evaluation through ascertainment of the PAR-Q rating, health status, general medical history, risk factors and precautions, medications, health and lifestyle related behaviors. More significantly, it is also critical to carry out testing of CRF, endurance, flexibility, and strength, body composition, nutrition, readiness for change, motivational strategies and give recommendations on behavior modifications based on the assessment. PAR-Q rating More than often, assessment of the PAR-Q rating is more suitable using the recommendable president’s council on physical fitness and sports tests questionnaire that remains essential in ascertaining an individual’s agility towards physical activity (Howley & Franks, 2007). Taking an assessment of Marsha who is fifty-one years, using the president’s council on physical fitness and sports test indicates that she is obese even though, she does not have any heart complication and joint problems that could hinder her engagement in physical activity. However, the questionnaire indicated that Marsha has so far not experienced dizziness that is accompanied by chest complications, because she has not engaged in vigorous physical exercise. After the assessment, using the questionnaire on PAR-Q rating indicated that even though, Marsha is obese she is fit to engage in any physical activity, as she gradually needs to lose weight, as recommended for participants who have obese conditions. Health Status An assessment, of Marsha’s health status to ascertain whether she is at risk of any health complications indicate that she is obese. More considerably, Marsha has not had any serious complications and she is not restrained from engaging in normal physical activities that will assist in weight loss (Howley & Franks, 2007). It is exceptional for caution to be taken on Marsha’s health status especially because she is highly exposed to increased high blood pressures, diabetes and cardiovascular complications among other health complications that could hinder her from being healthy, as a distinctive health precaution to follow for her weight loss exercise program. General Medical History In most instances, the medical history of a participant affects the exercise process as it is based on an individual’s health status. More considerably, an assessment of Marsha’s medical history records indicate that she is obese and is at a high risk of getting diabetes, pulmonary, cardiovascular and blood pressure complications that could hinder her from engaging in physical exercise before seeking a physician’s advice. An assessment of Marsha’s medical history indicates that she can only engage in simple physical activity as she gradually gets used to more vigorous exercise in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Plan to Fight Obesity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Plan to Fight Obesity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Plan to Fight Obesity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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