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Obesity - Essay Example

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Obesity Obesity Introduction Obesity is a pathological condition which has become a global issue because of the threats that it poses to a wide population all over the world. Obesity is a condition which results in many other pathological conditions such as diabetes mellitus and stroke (National Heart Lung and Blood Institute)…
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Extract of sample "Obesity"

Download file to see previous pages A Health Survey in England showed that 24.5% of adolescents above the age of 15 were suffering from obesity. It also showed that 13.9% of the children between the age group of 2 and 10 years were suffering from obesity (Department of Health 2009). Similarly other researches show that the rate of obesity in UK has increased to 22.1% in males and 21.9% in females (Information Center 2006). Obesity is defined as “an excess of body fat accumulation or adiposity with multiple organ specific adaptive or maladaptive consequences” (Iacobellis 2009). Causes: Obesity can be caused by both genetical and environmental factors. Genetical factors relate to the genes of the human body and any mutation in them. In human beings there is a gene known as the Ob gene. This gene is responsible for the risk of obesity in many individuals. Any change in the gene leads to obesity in the general population. The gene is related to a hormone known as leptin in the body. Leptin is a hormone or transmitter which helps in conveying specific signals to the brain. The body fat has to be maintained by this hormone as it sends signals to the brain to regulate the metabolism of fat (NCBI 1998). Other than the genetic factors the disease also occurs because of the environmental factors involved. ...
Increased fat in the diet is a reason because of which people get obese. Obesity has also been known to be related to psychological pathologies. Depression and eating disorders such as binge eating increases the level of stress individuals. Obesity itself causes a person to face from several psychological disorders too. These include the lowered self confidence of an individual along with less motivation to carry out specific tasks (Biddle et al 2009). Effects: The effects of obesity are spread all over the body and can result in several health conditions. It is a pathological state which has a huge effect on the cardiovascular system. The increased fat in the body leads to elevated blood pressure and hence increases the risk of stroke and coronary heart diseases. The blood flow in the individual increases and the lumen of the vessels in which the blood flows, decreases simultaneously because of excessive deposition of fat and cholesterol. This excessive deposition of cholesterol and fat is also known as plaques and leads to emboli. Emboli are clots which have been moved from one position to the other. These clots can reach areas far from the heart such as the brain. Emboli can lead to immediate death if they reach a certain part of the brain. Obesity also increases the risk of cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer and endometrial cancer. It is known to be a major cause of diabetes mellitus as it results in the resistance of insulin within the cells. The musculoskeletal system is also affected as the joints become immoveable and this result in osteoarthritis. The respiratory system can also be affected by obesity as an obese individual may have difficulty in breathing he is sleeping. This condition is referred to as Sleep ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Obesity: Full-Blown Epidemic or Overblown Epidemic

First noted in the adults, it has now spread to adolescents and children. It appears odd and seems extremely worrisome to note sudden emergence and rapid increase of a new obesity-associated medical condition, type 2 diabetes in children (Environmental Nutrition, 2004). Despite recent and growing media attention regarding obesity in the United States, the obesity epidemic is still termed by many researchers as the so-called epidemic. This implies a contested scientific topic and controversial social fact. It would thus be worthwhile to critically appraise the idea of an obesity epidemic that allegedly afflicts a large proportion of the countries of the world and indeed reportedly threatens a global health catastrophe. A scientific...
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Americas Newest Epidemic: Obesity

A multi-pronged approach is recommended to tackle the obesity epidemic, involving members of the community, the Government as well as the corporate sector who need to work together in collaboration in order to bring about an effective resolution to this problem.

The incidence of obesity among children and in the United States is on the rise, with approximately 15.3% of children between the ages of 6 to 11 and 15.5% of adolescents between the ages of 12 to 19 being found to be overweight in 2000 ( In addition, 15% of children and 14.9% of adolescents were found to be at risk for obesity. The Surgeon General’s report which was published in 2001, brought the alarming nature of this health prob...
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Anti-Obesity Drug

This mechanism of action prevents absorption of 30% fat contained in the diet ingested. By affecting the total energy consumption, Orlistat brings about considerable weight loss In the process, the drug is not absorbed into the system. (
The structural formula of orlistat [(S)-2-formal amino-4-methyl-pentanoic acid (S)-1-[[(2S, 3S)-3-hexyl-4-oxo-2-oxetanyl]methyl]-dodecyl ester] is shown in Figure 1. The drug's chemical formula is C29H53NO5. It is a diastereomeric molecule with four chiral centers and a molecular weight of 495.7.”( Pharmacotherapy 20(3):270-279, 2000. © 2000 Pharmacotherapy Publications)
Orlistat’s other name is “tetrahydrolipstatin”, a chemically synthesized deri...
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The Issue of Childhood Obesity

One of the challenges for children who are obese is society's stereotypes around obesity. This can cause children to be teased by their peers which can be damaging to them in the long run.

Hoffman and Rose (2005) found that in the year 2004, consumers spent $46 million on diet products and self-help books (p.1). This does not include children necessarily but it is a statistic that is staggering when it has been shown that most people will gain their weight back. Every year, people spend money on diets, supplements to lose weight, bariatric surgeries and other ways to lose weight. The media plays a large role in making people think that they must be a certain size of thin and although society has been given other reasons...
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The Pervasiveness of Obesity in the United States

... expectancy, stroke, enhances the possibilities of witnessing Type 2 diabetes, elevated BMI, cancer, arthritis, metabolic disorders and other related anomalies (US Department of Health and Human Services: The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Obesity). Obesity not only brings concern about health but it adds to the financial burden too. Obesity augments the health care costs. Estimates reveal that obesity accounts for approximately 10% of yearly medical expenses, increasing the obesity-associated medical costs to $147 billion in 2008. Obesity has reached an alarming position in USA, and two well distinguished categories have been demonstrated namely obese and extreme obese. Findings disclose that over one-third...
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Primary Care Nurses and Doctors Views of Managing Childhood Obesity in Saudi Arabia

... changes in lifestyle and nutritional habits over the past few decades, with obesity affecting one in six children aged 6 to 18 years old. Clearly there is a need for the development and implementation of childhood obesity prevention programmes in this population, with an emphasis on primary care intervention, allowing practitioners to initiate structured obesity prevention programmes. This research sought to explore the views of primary care nurses and doctors towards the management of childhood obesity in Saudi Arabia, through a qualitative study drawing on in-depth interviews composing of 6 practitioners through convenience sampling selection. These interviews focussed on identification of the nature of their experiences; their views...
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Effects of Fast Food on Obesity

... of other medical problems (Pereira 2005). Scientifically, a person is considered to be obese when their body mass index (BMI) which is the calculation of the body mass for every unit of squared height is above 30kg/m2. Specifically, studies and research conducted have shown that obesity increases the chances of diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and osteoarthritis and can sometimes lead to other types of cancer. As pertains to the serious and recurrent question as to what causes obesity, there has not been a specific answer. Obesity in individuals is as a result of a combination of factors which directly lead to or facilitate the intensity of the condition. The major factors attributed to the cause of diabetes include diet...
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Reducing Obesity in Children

... in games such as riding bikes while taking part in many other activities after they were done with school activities. The foods that they ate were highly nutritious. These days the children go home to find their houses empty, and they end up eating junk foods. In addition, the foods offered in the schools have also changed, and the children mainly prefer to have candy, soda and chips as their lunch. The habits are promoted by the vending machines that are found in many strategic places. Such conveniences for junk foods are what are causing obesity in many of the American children. A large populations of America are affected by overweight people in the world and the lifestyles that Americans live do not make the situation any better...
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Health Conditions in the United States: The Issue of Obesity

... increasing problems, which is converted into the disease, and that is obesity. Epidemiology helps to find out the nature of this disease, which says that it is not very severe in itself. However, the disease is causes other problems in the human body. It is leading to major health and disease conditions in the population of the United States. The research will further help to discover the role of obesity that is a major contributing factor of emerging diseases in the United States. The research paper will analyze those causes due to which obesity is increasing, and the prevention plans to deal with it. Moreover, the treatments and other practices to reduce the obesity rate in the United States. Extent of the Health Condition The multi...
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Validation of Findings: Obesity

... to handle such cases and other limitations that the study may face. The appropriate data collection methods and the instrumentation should be done efficiently to help in making the study efficient. Finally, I will ensure there is well organized validation of findings from my research work. With proper application of qualitative research methods, my study wants to find a lasting solution to the issue of obesity. Problem The challenge that this study wants to address is the increasing number of deaths recorded yearly in the United States due to complications related to obesity. Every year, close 150,000 deaths due to obesity complications are recorded. The number is very big and the society has to look into it. The issue of obesity...
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