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Can commercial media be ethical Be sure to draw on each of the module topics to in answering the question and use artefacts fro - Essay Example

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Can Commercial Media be Ethical? Can Commercial Media be Ethical? Introduction Following write up contains the answer to the question whether the media can be ethical while delivering content. Although, there is no straightforward answer to the question, but according to the research that I have carried out it proves that the media can not be ethical…
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Can commercial media be ethical Be sure to draw on each of the module topics to in answering the question and use artefacts fro
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Extract of sample "Can commercial media be ethical Be sure to draw on each of the module topics to in answering the question and use artefacts fro"

Download file to see previous pages It will also contain ads from various brands that were banned for breaking the ethical barriers. Commercial Media Most of the content of media is staged, where the TV channels show that the Pope is blessing innumerable people, what is important in showing this on air is the millions of people who are viewing this at home not the ones present at the scene where the Pope is offering his blessings. Similarly, the political discussions shown that are witnessed on the TV require approval by the political authorities before these are presented to the viewers. Nevertheless, it can be said that such media programs are few, however, the point persists that such manipulated media is existent. Although, such ‘live Media’ events may be few in number but with the passage of time they are increasing in quantity (Rosengren, 1994). Thus, it can be implied that the human mind is largely conditioned by the media available on the internet, programs on TV, and articles available online and in the magazines. Many individuals believe it to be authentic and let it influence their mind sets. This perspective to look at the authenticity of media makes the consumer gullible to the gimmicks presented in the content of media available on TV, in News Papers, and magazines (Hiebert, 2001; Berman, Abraham, Battino, Shipnuck, & Neus, 2004). Journalism is another way to advertise the product in the market. The image of the advert entirely relies upon the sort of publicity it receives. Usually, this type of advertising is used for the events and media programs; creating a hype for the program in order to increase the TRP’s of the show. Publicity of a product can make and break the image of the product; for whatever the consumer reads and sees on TV thinks it to be authentic to its core. Thus, a bad publicity can ruin the image of the product altogether (Kwanash-Aidoo, 2005; Baerns, 2003; Mickey, 1997). Therefore, it can be analyzed that commercial media has the power to shape the mind sets of individuals to the extent where they can believe in certain things and abandon beliefs as well. The commercial media have evolved over the last decade. With the emergence of new technology the ideas of communication has been shaped in to varied ways that gauge the attention of the audience and the media providers. This has diverted the attention of the media developers to the newly innovated ways of communication to tools such as the internet and mobile media. Many advertising agencies have invested large sums of money in ambient media. UK industry forecasts that the ambient media are so effective that its growing rapidly, in the near future the cost for ambient media will be in millions of pounds; moreover the literature suggests that the traditional media such as TV, posters, Cinema, and radio is substantially being replaced with the ‘non-traditional out-of-home’ media which is collectively referred to as the ambient media (Hiebert, 2001; Shankar & Horton, 1999). It is essential to high light that due to non-availability of business models in media many of the factors in advertising remain unattended and hap-hazard. For these reasons media tries to publish a story in order to sell well. This lack of media business models only make the media focus upon ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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