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The ethical and moral arguments for and against paying college athletes - Essay Example

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Games and sports have taken the center stage, with more and more students enrolling in the various types of games and sports. Personal efforts and…
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The ethical and moral arguments for and against paying college athletes
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"The ethical and moral arguments for and against paying college athletes"

Download file to see previous pages Amid this, a pertinent issue of whether college athletes should be paid or not emerged, resulting in intensive, extensive, diverse, and dynamic debates on the matter.
Stakeholders in the athletics industry have expressed their concerns over the issue of paying or not paying college athletes, differing in opinions and efforts to favor either side. Ethical, moral, and value-based concerns have been expressed. Every party arguing for or against the remuneration of college athletes present their reasons, all of which significantly have a point to put across. Evaluating and assessing the underlying concerns is essential, in a bid to determine whether indeed these athletes should be paid.
Ethics are guided by right or wrong practices in the undertaking of certain activities. Ethical concerns surrounding making payments to college athletes revolve around what is perceived to be right or wrong in relation to such payments. Stakeholders involved have conflicting views over the matter, but the baseline is either the payments are ethical or unethical. The weight given to games and sporting activities is the primary determinant of the underlying concern. On the college level, athletics are part and parcel of the extracurricular programs run by colleges. Importantly, not every college student becomes a college athlete, meaning that there are certain variables that define college athletes.
Talent and personal drive to games and sports plays a fundamental role in engaging students in athletics. The formulated and implemented extracurricular activities in colleges are not without their benefits to the institutions. Better performance by students in athletics does not only earn these institutions names, but also economic gains from all aspects related to the gaming and sporting activities involved. Athletics just like any other college program are allocated funds and other resources. Utilization of these funds and resources by students to a point of generating even more of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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