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Focusing on social media and/or privacy research, the ethical problems common in the workplace - Essay Example

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This paper investigates the aspect of privacy in the use of social media as it is one of the most important factors. The use of social media by the business for the purpose of promotion and marketing of their products includes exploration of data and information of the target user group…
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Focusing on social media and/or privacy research, the ethical problems common in the workplace
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Extract of sample "Focusing on social media and/or privacy research, the ethical problems common in the workplace"

Download file to see previous pages The social media is an important tool in the present day business scenario and is increasingly adopted by the companies in order to reap the benefits of conducting business through the online mode. The use of social media helps the companies to reach out to a wide range of customers at the same time and also attaining effective cost reduction in the process of advertising. The benefits of the use of social media are achieved, however, only through the ethical considerations in decision making. The ethical consideration takes into account the privacy and security of the customers. The unethical practices in the use of social media have social as well as business outcomes. The information available for viewing in the social networking sites, like the contact details and professional details of the customers should be used by applying proper ethics in order to restore the aspect of safety and security of the customers (Trepte and Reinecke, 2011). For example, the customers who do not show interest in the commercial products should not be contacted repeatedly and should not be disturbed. The companies should not engage in fraudulent business practices and fake product transaction. The ethical problems in the work place deplete the confidence between the business and the customers which adversely affects both the society and the business. Ethical decision making: social and business outcomes, examples The role of ethical decision making in the use of social media and its concerns over privacy is very important from the perspective of social and business outcomes. Social media has been increasingly used as tool by the business for marketing its products and spread awareness among the society of its position in the market. While the use of online applications and websites like Facebook, Twitter has offered the corporate houses with a range of benefits, there are crucial concerns over the privacy of important information available in the social networking sites. The users of the social networking sites are asked to disclose a wide range of information on their personal details, professional details, etc. It has been observed that most of the users of social networking sites do not hesitate to provide the correct information on the details asked for and in most cases these information are available for display to the public at large. There are, however, a segment of customers who change the privacy settings of their profile in order to restrict the identified segment of users from viewing such information that has been considered to be confidential. The privacy setting is restored every time the user updates the information and other details in the social networking profiles. The large segment of users who do not change their privacy settings in the social networking sites provides access to the public as well as the business houses to view the data and information (Nissenbaum, 2009). The availability of such large volumes of data and information in the social media sites form the basis of information for social media marketing conducted by the business houses. Although social media is an important tool for marketing as it is compatible with the present day industry trends, the ethical decision in using the social media affects the social and business outcomes in the workplace. The social media form of marketing and business has been adopted at a fast rate by the companies as it reduces the cost of physical establishments and setting up infrastructure for the stores and shops. The easy way of reducing the cost and increasing profits is offered by the online advertising and marketing options through the use of social media. However, the ethical decision taking in the use of social media is an important step to address the privacy concerns (Waters and Lester, 2010). The business should not use the data and info ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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