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Imperfection of Copyright Law and the Notion of Piracy - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Imperfection of Copyright Law and the Notion of Piracy” analyzes the imperfection of the copyright law against the concept of "piracy". Actual legal norm should take into account the specifics of the author's works recorded on various sources, including paper and digital ones.
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Imperfection of Copyright Law and the Notion of Piracy
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Extract of sample "Imperfection of Copyright Law and the Notion of Piracy"

Download file to see previous pages In the current case where the company Numa Numa solutions, proposes to use the domain name ‘’, the opposition from the company that owns ‘’ is due to its concern over the issue of typosquatting, which has become a regular practice in the online industry. Although government specifies that type squatting is illegal, one is left to wonder whether this practice is just another way of succeeding in a highly competitive market. It remains to be seen whether the law is restrictive in this scenario or reactive to the dynamics of a free-market economy.
The growth of the internet has presented an interesting prospect to the growth of business law. An evolving internet, much of which is driven largely through effective marketing strategies, is fast becoming a platform for business, social issues, and legal development. Business usually progresses along levels of uncertainty as long as such restrictions are reasonable and there is a level of predictability and continuity in resolving disputes. The essence of any legal resolution within a business context is to minimize any associated business risk. However, traditional practices of conducting business went well with the usual common legal framework and have allowed the free market economy to thrive.
In the case of Internet law, issues related to the use of domain names have become controversial as to the limits and rights of using them as part of a free enterprise market system. Part of this concern stems from the potential of doing business to a global audience through a single medium across countries, cultures, and diversity. If involved with a strong and essential business domain, such as in the stock markets, the concern among companies becomes even stronger. Another limitation of Internet Law lies in its limited reach towards the legal boundaries of demarcation as compared to traditional limits. Further, given the web’s global reach, no single legal system within a nation can control it ultimately. However, companies may be subjected to local lawsuits if their business operation and revenue generation fall within that particular region. A popular example in this regard would be the legal tussle between Microsoft and the European Union over certain provisions of the Windows operating system that were found to hamper a free market system with Europe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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