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The role of foster parents have been acknowledged as crucial in providing holistic support to children identified to have undergone diverse physical, psychological, and emotional challenges in their lives. …
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Writing profile on foster parent
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Writing Profile on Foster Parent The role of foster parents have been acknowledged as crucial in providing holistic support to children identified to have undergone diverse physical, psychological, and emotional challenges in their lives. In the statistics provided by the Children Uniting Nations, citing the source of information from the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), it was disclosed that “more than 463,000 children live in foster care. In California, which has the largest foster care population than any other state, the number of foster youth has tripled in the last 20 years” (par. 1). Locating competent and highly qualified foster parents who could genuinely meet and support varied needs of children in need is therefore challenging. As one tried to locate potential foster parents, it was convenient to go directly to one of the established foster homes in Southern California and interview professional members of the organization’s team with regards to parents who signified intentions to become foster or adoptive parents. The Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency (SCFFAA) has been serving the needs of homeless children since 1994. It was deemed committed to “helping abused, abandoned and neglected children find secure, stable and nurturing homes. The agency provides for the well-being of children in its care and helps them become independent and successful adults” (Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency 1). One was met by the Director of Adoption, Robbyn Harrod, who has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 12 years. When asked what the basic requirements are for those interested to apply as foster parents, Ms. Harrod indicated that “there are requirements in terms of age, at least 25 years old; income which is commensurate to support the needs of an additional child, over and above the regular living expenses of the family; and all the members must be supportive of the plan to adopt or care for a foster child. This means that the parents and other members of the family should be of good moral character.” In addition, Ms. Harrod disclosed that there are different phases within the application process that must be observed and complied.” When one inquired what the general procedures are, Ms. Harrod briefly stated that potential applicants as foster parents should comply with a three-hour orientation seminar, 24-hour training sessions, completion of an application packet, and medical examinations to be conducted to all members of the potential foster home. Members of the SCFFAA would also be scheduling a home visit to verify the living conditions and conformity to safety regulations of the potential foster home. During the interview, there was one set of parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick and Susan Rodgers, who were intently waiting to become certified as foster parents. According to Ms. Harrod, spouses Rodgers successfully met all the criteria and requirements to become adoptive parents and have been invited to SCFFAA for certification. They are in their mid-30s, living within the vicinity of Los Angeles, California and are active members of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Community. They enthusiastically relayed that they only have one child, already 15 years of age and am very much interested to have an adopted sister. They were actually intent on adopting a 5-year old Asian girl who was left homeless after her parents met a vehicular accident three months ago. With no other relatives in the country, she was endorsed to the SCFFAA and had been waiting in line for adoptive, supporting and loving foster parents. Mrs. Susan Rodgers quietly relayed that she is now a willing homemaker, after her husband, a general surgeon, decided that she could focus on decorating their new home and in potentially raising another child. She had a cervical operation right after their daughter was born and could not conceive any more children. Both spouses were really excited and they indicated that their daughter was equally thrilled. They have planned to enroll the child in a nearby private school, the Wildwood School. They also have looked into the possibility of enrolling the child in productive dance classes, like ballet, or in other sport activities, like swimming. Mrs. Rodgers appears to be an embodiment of a perfect supportive and loving mother that the 5-year old Asian child definitely needs, as part of the support along her crucial stages of development. As both spouses were ushered to the office of Ms. Harrod for signing of relevant documents and for proper confirmation, one could not help but effectively acknowledge that for potential foster or adoptive parents, there are more than just meeting the basic requirements and conformity to the application process that are actually needed. As one takes a last look at these foster parents, one confirmed that a good heart, a happy disposition in life, and an innate and genuine desire to be of holistic assistance and support to a child is of paramount importance. Works Cited Children Uniting Nations. "Foster Care Statistics." n.d. 25 September 2012 . Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency. "About Us." 2011. 25 September 2012 . Read More
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Writing Profile on Foster Parent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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