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Child and Family Welfare - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper contains the annotated bibliography of articles about a child and family welfare such as "The business of engaging fathers and other male relatives in the FGC process" and  "Up front and personal: The confronting dynamics in the family group conferences" …
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Child and Family Welfare
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Extract of sample "Child and Family Welfare"

Download file to see previous pages This article depicts that children are pleased with being connected to their fathers and other male family members and similar wishes can be tapped and used to contribute to the children’s lives and developments. He stresses that the males inclusion in decision making will not be at the expense of female involvement. Cultural family norms and safety issues must be dealt with comprehensively when preparing participants for a family group conference. He also purposes the importance of more male conference coordinators in order to approach and involve men in a more diverse fashion.
This article attends to the issue of power dynamics that regularly occur during the process of a family group conference. The author talks about how the family and workers can challenge one another, how challenges between family members can occur; particularly during the private family time, and how the other professionals can challenge the action of family group conference. He goes further to portray the findings of a study entailing focus groups with family group conference coordinators. The coordinators were guided to discuss their expertise with family group coordination and how they carry out has changed over time; what exerted and what did not during the atypical conference; and the impact to the family members after the overall practice. The findings of this study embrace the following themes: workers need to communicate honestly and clearly with the family regarding of child protective services. Discussion during private family time can often be influenced by more powerful members or professional input. The process can be truly family driven by facilitation of skilled manpower. The difference in professional ethics and levels may create tension between professionals and the workers. Family secrets can regularly throw in existing power imbalance and mistrust but may also be hidden support for children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...FAMILY AND CHILD WELFARE Introduction Provision of key social services to the disadvantaged groups such as child prevention, child support, mental health services and education initiatives provide a wide range of benefits to the workers as well as the clients. Such benefits include provision of hope to a new generation, promise of a better future and eradication of diseases that may threaten the existence of an entire population. However, the provision of such services is always accompanied by a number of obstacles which prevents the service providers from assessing as well as developing a clear understanding of their clients. Obstacles faced by clients...
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