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Family as the Smallest Component of Society - Assignment Example

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The paper "Family as the Smallest Component of Society" discusses that my mother discouraged verbal confrontations and always insisted that we can only solve problems through proper discussions and not heated arguments. I am proud to say that my experience during adolescents was much better…
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Family as the Smallest Component of Society
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Extract of sample "Family as the Smallest Component of Society"

Download file to see previous pages Parents assume that young ones are capable of taking care of themselves.
Peer groups are private gatherings of people who believe in the same ideals and adopt similar behaviors. It is harder for these peer groups to inter-relate because they do not share anything in common. Members of these peer groups grow up to form private groups that only accommodate people of a particular interest thus, eliminating diversity. Thus, society continues to practice segregation and injustice.
Peer groups have become a necessary part of the teenagers due to the apparent lack of connection with the parents. Without the guidance of the parents, the teenagers have developed peer groups that lack the necessary capability to nurture them to proper adults. While many youths succeed as adults later in life, the majority of them are increasingly getting into problems due to the lack of adult mentorship. The youth grow into adulthood without understanding the responsibility that comes with being an adult. Therefore, there is a breakdown of the basic tenets of the society such as the family. Divorce is on the rise because couples do not understand the responsibilities in marriage; decline in mortality due to lack of proper moral development from parenting and development of a secular society that has no time for religion. In fact, youths consider faith in a religion as a preserve of the old.
The adolescent is the last stage before adulthood. It is distinguished by change, growth, and chaos when an adolescent suddenly must drop childhood tendencies and prepare for adulthood. The study of adolescent development must be wholesome and comprehensive in its approach.
Understanding the biological developments that occur prior to and during adolescents is extremely crucial. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Family as the Smallest Component of Society Assignment.
(Family As the Smallest Component of Society Assignment)
Family As the Smallest Component of Society Assignment.
“Family As the Smallest Component of Society Assignment”.
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