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Gay Couple Adoption - Research Paper Example

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This paper explores the issue of gay couple adoption, by examining the potential advantages and disadvantages associated with the practice. The paper is founded on the common societal belief that kids form a vital element of any family unit and every family deserves an opportunity to raise one. …
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Extract of sample "Gay Couple Adoption"

Download file to see previous pages In the modern environment, there are numerous children without parents or close relations that can provide permanent homes for them. Such children end up in the foster care system, awaiting potential guardians. Given a large number of children waiting for parents, there is a tremendous need for adoptive families. However, the adoption process is highly difficult, particularly, when prospective adoptive parents are same-sex or gay couples. The subject of gay couple adoption remains highly controversial, with some states and conservative individuals still holding their ground against it, while liberals and human rights activists strongly advocate for the practice. This paper argues for gay couple adoption and resolution of perceived disadvantages associated with the practice.

One of the most prevalent debates in contemporary society is that concerning the legal adoption of children by lesbian couples and gay men. This highly controversial issue has sparked significant debate, especially in states that bar such adoptions like Florida, Mississippi, Utah and New Hampshire. The persistent debate against the adoption of children by gay couples could be attributable to prevalent homophobia and many people’s inability to accept that same-sex couples are normal and capable parents. Opponents of gay couple adoption uphold the ideals of traditional nuclear families, where there are a mother and father. Such ideals present significant obstacles to homosexual couples when they make attempts to take on parenting (Elovitz210-215). Further, lesbians and gay men are usually viewed as incapable of raising children, since unlike heterosexuals, they cannot actually bear kids. This prompts many to conclude that they are naturally not meant to bring up children. Nonetheless, the family institution in modern society is changing progressively; an aspect that people should learn to understand and embrace. Mainstream society should accept that homosexuals make up capable parents, and just like scientific research shows, they cannot contribute towards the adopted children becoming gay.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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