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Adobtion - Research Paper Example

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Adoption is a great solution for such situations, especially that there are many couples, who cannot have their own children. Adoptions are of two types; open adoption as well as closed…
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Download file to see previous pages Open adoption has developed into being the norm in the United States for adoption of infants. In the past, closed procedures dominated adoption; it required that there be no transmission of information between the biological and adoptive parents regarding the adopted child. In general, the agency social workers took the mandate of determining who adopts the baby. This led to most people believing that the closed adoption was the norm. However, a number of pioneering agencies such as Lutheran Social Service and the nationwide independent adoption centre has led to the movement of change towards an open adoption. Currently, over 80% of domestic infants are adopted through the open adoption (Stein and Glen, 2007). It is clear that open adoption works to the best interests of the three parties involved: the biological parent, the adoptive parent and the adopted child (Myer, 2003).
Since that in open adoption the birthparents become involved in their child life and contribute positively in raising the child. The birthparents play an important role in the open adoption by supporting the adoptive family and their child. When the birthparents apply for an open adoption, this will give them a sense of worth, instead of getting rid of their child. Moreover, the birthparents will have a role in the child’s life along with the adoptive parents. They will help the child during the hardest times in his\her life, better than the closed adoption (Silber 1). Unlike closed adoption, open adoption gives the adoptive parents all the answers their child might ask.
In open adoption, both families became one family, because they are parenting the same child; as a result, they are considered as an extended family (Silber 1). They share love, care, and responsibility for raising the adopted child. These things may create goodwill between them. Besides that, they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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