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Domestic Adoptions vs International Adoptions - Research Paper Example

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This research paper describes and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of domestic adoptions versus international adoptions in the United States. The researcher focuses on looking into the various adoption procedures conducted by both the local and international bodies…
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Domestic Adoptions vs International Adoptions
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Download file to see previous pages Many adopting couples, are fed horrifying stories about disrupted adoptions, in such situations, and about domestic adoption generally, thus forcing them to consider international adoption options. Majority of these shocking stories were the odd exceptions, or are distortions, or result from a private, contrary to an outfit, adoption. Families have to consider both local adoption resources and domestic charity as an option of their procedure in deciding to adopt abroad. An overseas adoption can permit a person to experience all the pleasures and emotions of being a parent, however, as with domestic adoptions; the procedure is burdened with probable tribulations and concerns. An international adoption is required to meet the provisions of foreign policies of the other country, as well as, The Hague Conventions (Briggs and Marre, 2009). Adopting couples should be aware of the set requirements, but all the details involved should be handled by the agency which the couples have registered. Inter-country adoption in the past was unmanaged and unregulated and only until recently it has been stabilizing. This allowed for escalating abuse and misuse of the adoption procedures within the system. It allowed for baby trafficking and selling of babies, and the babies were housed in less than acceptable orphanages, and without strong regulations documents were falsified, and numerous children kidnapped. This was curbed by the establishment of the Hague conventions. Research The comparison between domestic and international adoption research was in this case assessed by looking into the various adoption procedures conducted by both the local and international bodies. This section gives a comparison of the two methodologies of adoption, whether...
This research paper describes child adoption as an opportunity for children who are not in stable homes or are in situations that are not conducive for their growth, to grow up in a normal family setting. The researcher explores the fields of domestic and international adoptions. Adoption provides an excellent avenue for these groups to satisfy their needs in the area of family. However, the issue of adoption that has been explored in the essay has a course of controversy in that the motives of the benefactors are questioned. There are also political barriers in that the potential families are barred from being together due to political relationships. In order for adoptions to be successful, it is imperative that the parties involved have clear motives. The researcher compares the advantages and disadvantages of international and domestic adoption. Parents should be able to determine the best adoption type in their situation since, international adoption is unique from domestic adoption. The individuals seeking to adopt should look at the challenges and benefits of both types of adoptions before making a decision. Parents who look into adopting a new born child to their family should opt to adopt domestically. In cases where the parent seeks to add cultural diversity to their family should look into the options present in international adoption. These factors, that the researcher described in details in the research paper are crucial in ensuring that the potential family will be a happy one. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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