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Interviews about American Incomes - Assignment Example

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The paper contains interviews about American income and politics. The interviewer asks about the view on the politics in the country, about the concept of ‘class’ in the US, and about the statement that the statistic of 1% of the ruling owning 50% of the wealth of the nation. …
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Interviews about American Incomes
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Download file to see previous pages We usually attend all our classes, then either go home or somewhere with friends. Depends on where we are residents. I live in this state and therefore prefer to go home for a while, whereas others would probably grab a bite to eat since they don’t have a home here to go and eat. The dress code is liberal; not too liberal, but moderately liberal. You will not be mocked if you wish to wear your traditional dress because our country is open to different cultures and minorities and wishes to treat them well. On formal presentation days, it is recommended to dress better than the other days, but most people like to dress casually on the rest of the days. Sports are an important and widely accepted part of our society; there is football, basketball and ice hockey. You should definitely check that out if you want to get a feel of our culture. Me: Thank you very much. Conversation # 2 (in recess) Me: Do you mind if I join you? Anonymous: No problem. Me: I have been hearing a great deal about the elections around here. They are on November 6th if I am not wrong? Anonymous: Yes. There is always a buzz around the time of elections. Me: What is your view on the politics of your country? Are you leaning more towards the Democrats of the Republicans? Anonymous: I do cast my vote, and I am for Democracy, therefore I will probably vote for Obama. However, I am more for the social welfare of the economy than politics as a whole. Me: For a greener better society or something related to social classes? Anonymous: Both actually, but a better society would be a greener society I believe. Me: I am actually really interested in the scenario of classes in the US. If you ever have some extra time, we can discuss this in length. Anonymous: Happy to help. Interview #1: Me: Continuing our previous conversation, I was a little unclear about what comprises the concept of ‘class’ here in the US. Anonymous: Class is synonymous to socioeconomic status and there are three stringent divides: lower middle and upper class. However, there are variations between the three as well.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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