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Equality of Access to California Public University Education - Essay Example

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California is one of the states which use different policies towards access of education. It is due to this fact that this study, Equality of Access to California Public University Education, will be analyzing opinions of students about the equality of access to California public university education…
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Equality of Access to California Public University Education
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Download file to see previous pages From the report it is clear that poverty and disadvantages is affected by the education system, offering rich and poor schools with bleak differences in learning atmospheres and physical surroundings. Deprived environs characteristically house run-down schools with poor conditions and less money whereas rich neighborhoods house newer and safer schools offering best learning atmospheres. In addition, the lower-quality urban schools are likely to be attended by ethnic minority students. Attempts to enhance this inequality are only the first step in attaining equality even with millions of dollars spent in federal programs.This essay stresses that the inequities of access to quality schools and attainment of children in public universities, in California, have been a source of debate and millions of dollars in programs for many years trying to attain equity for all students. It is argued by critics of American public education that California in incapable of educating students efficiently, partially due to the highly bureaucratic nature of its governance structure. Layers of rules burdened by paperwork and regulation are attached to most federal government funding hence; federal programs become hard to change or implement. Funds and responsibility are shuffled around to various bodies by this institutionalized problem of extreme bureaucracy, and shifts the accountability of academic achievement onto guardians, teachers, students, and administrators in the case of education. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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