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Interview project - Essay Example

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Development in technology can be attributed to the rise of globalization. People now have access to things that were unavailable to them, thanks to the exposure to…
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Interview project
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Extract of sample "Interview project"

Download file to see previous pages Discussed below are the answers given by the interviewee.
The respondent stated that it is hard to say the particular industries that have been affected by globalization. This is explained by the desire of most industries to expand and offer their services to the whole world. According to the respondent, globalization affects everyone.
The effects of globalization cannot be directed at a specific group of people. It is, however, the choice of an individual to decide whether he will let globalization affect him. To understand this, the interviewee stated that globalization has led to the adoption of a foreign culture, such as dressing and development in technology. It would, therefore, be up to a person if a person will adopt the changes. Most people, however, adopt the changes as they view it as a way to enhance their living.
The interviewer explained that technology is the major contributor to the rise of globalization. Thanks to technology, the world can be said to be on the same platform. Development in communication technology such as phones, internet, and GPS satellites has fostered globalization as people now communicate with ease disregarding the location they are. The internet has also accelerated globalization from different nations throughout the world engage in communication. It helps in exchange of information from one person to another. A person in America can communicate with a person in Dubai easily. Such people can discuss business ideas that they can be involved in and in the end set it up, without having to travel all the time.
Globalization has had both positive influences and according to the interviewee, which can be expected as we cannot only have positive effects. Some of the effects of globalization she discussed are improvement in living conditions of people, development of countries, an increase in the employment rate, and adoption of a foreign culture. In terms of employment and wages, globalization ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interview Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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