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Why might we consider globalization to be generated - Essay Example

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The globalization has brought some positive impacts and some negative impacts on the world market economy. As with all types of changes, this massive economic revolution has impacted the marginalized people as well, particularly women. It is hard to say whether the impact has been positive or negative because there is lot of gap and difference between the status in the middle and upper and lower middle and low classes of women…
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Why might we consider globalization to be generated
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Download file to see previous pages Globalization is a big word today and one that has changed the way we look at and understand things around us. What is actually globalization What do we understand by this word Globalization is simply the predisposition of the economy through business, knowledge through technology and thought through philosophy to spread globally. Globalization can also mean the process by which this happens. This term is almost synonymous with intertwining of markets and economies without any consideration for physical border or legal restraints. One of the best examples that jump into my mind is the McDonalds. What better example of globalization
Waters1 (1995) describes globalization as 'a social process in which the constraints of geography on social and cultural arrangements recede and in which people become increasingly aware that they are receding'. Ideally it is believed that globalization is the means to create a global positive impact upon the poor and the poverty in general by opening the doors to availability of a host of opportunities and resources which would have, otherwise not been available nationally. The downside is that globalization seems to profit the rich more and the poor less, thus widening the gap further.
It is true that globalization actually means the broadening of global linkages, while also impacting upon the social and cultural dimensions of the global society, hence propagating a one-world-citizenship which has one economy, one culture and one social order. Ecumenically globalization's definition would be complete with the above classifications. But there are many inroads in the understanding of the term. This is the process with which the poor countries can think of modernization and global competition, enhanced living standards, and work opportunities; on the other hand this very same process is the one which can destroy economies by sudden influx of foreign capital, can destroy marginalized workers livelihood and destabilize national banks. Hence, globalization literally is like a coin - with two very separate sides.
When we think of globalization impact on gender, we need to understand first of all what is defined by 'gender'. What is gender Gender is basically the terms that is most commonly used for 'women'. It is mostly used as social term than biological one. Gender as a term is closed to the definition of anything that refers to women in a social connotation.
Now let us think about globalization vis--vis gender. How has globalization impacted gender Is globalization gendered Should it be, in the first place Should it not be This essay is trying to look into a few aspects of globalization which impact women and thereby deduce whether globalization is gendered or not.
Gender inequality in particular can create very confusing effects which however are able to highlight the fact the there is a strong connection between poverty and gender. UNDP (1999) has statistics with which you cannot argue. Inspite of the common belief, poverty has actually grown by leaps and bound in the last 10-20 years; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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