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Geography Gendered feminism - Essay Example

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Discrimination of women as 'weaker sex' is universal. It does not have any territorial distinction or any internal boundaries. Gender identity has transcended its complete meaning. Although based on biological factor, gender is something of social ideology…
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Geography Gendered feminism
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"Geography Gendered feminism"

Download file to see previous pages Such inner yearnings cause even death of them. (Barbara de Angelis, 1994, pp197).
Geologically land is termed feminine. Through time and space, femininity is not given its due recognition. Masochism is construed as a quality of femininity where as the same attitude in men are considered as cowardice or slavery. Millions of clerks of both sexes throughout the world are almost having masochistic attitude only. Painting masochism as the quality of women has added burden to them, leading to a sort of 'gender exploitation' of women. These developments do not have any territorial difference on the earth.
However shades of differences in this type of gender exploitation prevails in various manifestations in various lands. In countries like India, there are still many regions where common women cannot occupy an equal status in public places. On boarding a public bus a lady cannot occupy her seat next to a man and nor a man is permitted to sit near a woman. This practice is very slowly fading. People of metro cities are a bit bold enough to break this customary. But small towns and villages are still viewing the scene utterly awkward. In many places the booking counters are provided with separate structural arrangements for eves. The pathetic plight of school going girls, especially those in the verge if puberty who suffer a lot for want of toilets in Ethiopia is a challenge for feministic researchers. The economic and social barriers there are very strong enough to yield to such feministic ideologies.
In fixing identities, unlike other entities like race, color, class and religion, gender occupies a fluid condition. This fluidity in the fixing of gender identity is manipulated in several societies. Thus, geographers find it a bit tricky to fix the gender identity. Wife battering prevails in all countries irrespective of their development and civilization. But the batterer always takes advantage only of the gender. It is the feministic approach that posed question whether such superiority over femininity is natural.
To derive an answer to this question, one has to analyze the age-old custom of patriarchy in almost all societies of the world. Geographers all over the world find a healthy tone in such analysis, which tries to evaluate and judge the patriarchy from the viewpoint of both the genders. Eradication or trial to eradicate patriarchy is not a solution. Feminism thus paves way to identify and locate the importance and entitlement of femininity. Feminism in many countries takes its own speed depending upon the cultural and socialistic environments of the nations. Developed countries are fast in this approach.
The high speed has led to emergence of gay movement and lesbianism as byproducts. The sex-based lesbianism and gay movements give a picture that male domination or male chauvinism can be countered to some extent. Whether this is true or not is yet to be cleared. Even elite group of societies is not clear in the ideologies of lesbianism and gay movement to such an extent that they can pressurize some political group and governments to legally permit such practices. Homosexuals find it nice to enter into 'civil partnership', which has now been legally permitted in England. Great Britain, which criminalized carnal intercourse during 1860 in one of its colonial regiment, as an act against the order of nature, now permits her gays to get ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Geography Gendered Feminism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Geography Gendered Feminism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Geography Gendered Feminism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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