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Feminist Movement in England - Essay Example

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This essay provides with contrasting views on the feminist movement in England of different authors. Feminism is a set of social premises and political practices that are significant of earlier and current period’s social relations and above all encouraged and reported by the practice of women. …
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Feminist Movement in England
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"Feminist Movement in England"

Download file to see previous pages According to the essay "Feminist Movement in England" findings, in England, the movement of feminists has been quite successful to an extent. O'NEILL declares in his study that the major change for women in the history of England is about their employment. Even in the times when England is facing the problem of unemployment, it is surprising that the employment rate of women is seen to increase. This shows that the working class of women is rising to a level that would match up to the men’s level. Hence the employment prospects for women have increased significantly in the past years. Women who are mostly in their mid ages get hired by different firms (O'NEILL, 1969). Recently a renowned economist told a group of individuals who were leaving their school that it would be not them who would get hired but their moms. This clearly shows that women in their middle ages have brighter prospects of getting employed. However, this statement is true to an extent but at times it can also mislead the women. On the contrary Mohanty & Alexander state that this situation of employment cannot be compared to the situation in wartime when the women took over all the job opportunities they could get i.e. even the job of a man (Mohanty & Alexander, 1997). The women today in England are working in such a way that even the man wouldn’t consider doing. The twenty years of the movement of feminism in Britain has greatly influenced the whole system. The employment rate among women has increased significantly....
The revolution in the employment sector started from the 18th century as Engel's in his book describes the revolution. Mohanty & Alexander further explains that the industrial sector was experiencing a change and many individuals were replaced by modern technologies (Mohanty & Alexander, 1997). As men were removed from their labor women got a chance to enter the arena of employment. Comi states that women were the first to enter the work of maintaining and servicing the machinery which was bought in by the industries. In the recent times there have been a lot of developments in the world of women in England. Women are increasingly getting the rights which they should get (Comi, 2003). However, on the other side of the story, Dervin declares that women are still facing some difficulties while living in England. Even now the problem of rape and discrimination occurs in England. The cases of rape and trafficking of girls is still found in England. Other sorts of discrimination among the genders are also taking place (Dervin, 1997).
Dixon claims that the United Kingdom consists of more than fifty two percent of the women's population. But still the percentage of the women which work in the government departments is far much lower than that of the males. 18 percent of the women signify for the Member of Parliament 23 percent for the civil department and 36 percent for the government employments. This shows that in all these departments there is discrimination amongst the women as they are not on the higher posts like the males. Thus it can be said that the males are dominating the society in England (Dixon, 2001). However the percentage calculated here is far better than the percentages analyzed when feminists ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Feminist Movement in England Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Feminist Movement in England Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Feminist Movement in England Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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