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IDPS Latest Roundup - Article Example

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John Q. Student Professor Doe English 344 8 May 2000 IDPS Latest Roundup 17 July, 2014: The Department of Technical Services, PWD, through the use of IDPS, has achieved what has been the most important aim of improving efficiency and reducing the cost of construction…
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IDPS Latest Roundup
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Download file to see previous pages 280) We worked as transformation leaders and managed to achieve the objectives for full utilisation of IDPS with greater success. We have been working to achieve fully automated systems through the use of Autodesk Revit ROBOT Structural Analysis and Autodesk Ecotet. Today, experts are using these systems to determine the type of framing material to meet their low CO2 emissions target as the changes in the method of building production is required and high degree of accuracy is needed in building production to satisfy the clients to meet the global challenges in building construction (Kim and Haas 764). One of the major setbacks of conventional word processing systems is that they are not able to adjust to the changing requirements. Some feel the learning curve is steep while others feel the errors in conventional word processing systems are very high (Pritschow et al. 280). Additionally, the need for using automated office tools is being realized by more and more offices. One of the inherent qualities of automated office tools such as Integrated Document Production System is their ease of use and its user friendly functions. IDPS utilized for the construction industry will integrate various important software products such as Orion, Autodesk and Atlas Pro. This will facilitate the structural engineers to get accurate measurements of the steel members of buildings. In early 2012, the IDPS group started using IT as a conventional method used for preparing architectural drawings and designs, as the process of preparation of tender documents was time consuming and difficult to work. The drawbacks of the conventional system were - • The designs overlapped and with inadequate support for the management, it created a lack of coordination within the team members. • The design process took 1-2 months, architectural drawings 3-4 months; structural drawing 3-4 months, mechanism electrical drawings 3-4 months, submission 1-2 months and the preparation of bill of quantities took 3-4 months. Moreover, for the preparation of tender stage it took 20 months. • The lack of coordination reduced the efficiency. • Unnecessary pressure was created on resources and time, ultimately resulting in delay in implementation. • The process involved lots of manual calculations resulting in human based calculation errors and delays, due to which the buildings in Brunei were not able to appear advanced. Advantages of using Integrated Document Production System The Integrated Document Production System which was started by the Department of Technical Services under the e-Government initiative has been successful in achieving the needed efficiency in preparing tender documents and implementing projects (Kahane and Rosenfeld 764). The tools which were included by the IDPS were - Autodesk Revit Architecture, Autodesk Revit Structure, Orion, Autedesk Revit MEP and Atlas Pro. Automation and use of robots speeded up the working, drawing preparation and improving the management of project; additionally improving coordination and integration of the project. It reduced the time needed for completing the projects and provided the needed rationale which worked on tender documents. Further, it was able to provide the analysis of the structure. IT was used to get the information that can be stored in one database and it allowed the administrator to handle and analyse the data in a better way. It also provided improved coordination in the construction industry in the field of quantity surveying, engineering, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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