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Communication: English Course - Essay Example

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Communication: English Course [Name of the Student] [Audience] [Date] Assignment 3- Part B Introduction The survey conducted for this research report was meant to evaluate the effectiveness and level of satisfaction among the students and the staff members towards the car parking facility provided by Curtin University…
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Communication: English Course
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Download file to see previous pages For the purpose of this survey, 24 students and 6 staff members was chosen. They were asked to complete a similar survey that questioned about their usage of the facility and asked for their recommendations for improvement. In this report, we attempt to present the findings of the survey in a conclusive format using graphs and figures where appropriate. The survey would particularly be beneficial for the Curtin Administration since it would allow them to understand the issues that the students and staff are facing along with possible recommendations on improving the parking facility for future use. Discussion The sample population surveyed in this report was mostly individuals who drove. Out of the 30 people surveyed, 23 people used car facilities. Among these 23 people, 19 of them used the campus car parking facility. Figure 1 shows this in a tabular form. Of the four who did not use the campus car parking facility, all of them were students who found the university’s car parking to be expensive and lacking adequate parking space. The number of hours, students and staff members used the car parking facility greatly varied from as low as three hours to as high as forty hours. Figure 1 Driving and Non-Driving Sample Population The main problem with the parking facility as cited by many staff and student who used the facility was that they considered the facility to be too expensive and that did not allow them a guarantee of car parking at all times. Those who did not have any difficulty in finding spaces were people who came to the university early on to avail the opportunity of better spaces. The staff when compared to the students had little difficulty in finding spaces. This can be attributed to the fact that the staff benefited from a large space as compared to students and this same fact was mentioned by one of the students. On an average, it takes 15-20 minutes for the students to find a parking space in the facility. Most of the students and staff members complained that the car parking facility was quite expensive. According to them it should be free given the high costs of tuition paid by the students. They also complained that the fees for the facility increased every year without them being able to discern any improvement in the facility. Student and staff members were also asked to provide recommendations for improving upon the current car parking facility. The most common response was increase the number of parking spots. Most students also pointed out the staff parking were usually empty and thus staff parking can be reduced to accommodate the students. The second most common response was to decrease the fees charged for the parking facility and also to make it free. Another recommendation was to create a multi-storey parking facility which would allow for more parking spaces. The following figure represents the recommendations in a tabular form: Figure 4 Recommendations Conclusion In conclusion, we can say that the campus car parking facility leaves a lot to be desired. Even though Curtin University recently introduced its pay by phone service (Curtin University, 2012), it is still not good enough according to the results of the survey. There were almost no students or staff members who were fully satisfied with the service. Almost all of them believed that the administration is charging too much for a facility that they cannot adequately provide. Students have to waste almost 15 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Communication: English Course Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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